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  1. Jr Wynn

    This car was doomed from the start

  2. Tim Hendrikse

    Review the plaid model s

  3. Hollie Rees

    Dam its hot

  4. invisiblekid99

    2:40 Hated to be that guy, but that's debossed Matt.

  5. Mirko ko

    Have you noticed how Matt is saying "Like that" = La...'a'. It's very anoying, I hate him

  6. Lex Zenis

    that was an EPIC video!!!

  7. Watching From a Distance

    Bloody BGclip unskippable ads 🤬

  8. The Wade

    Prefer stock cars in these races.

  9. Shapeshifter

    The car looks way too similar to an Honda H-RV from 2015, which is disappointing

  10. Abhinav Ganesh

    That seat mechanism is just stupid

  11. Alan Townsley

    Drum brakes !? Really? Cmon Audi

  12. Aditya Vishwakarma

    First time watched your video after Alpha M recommendation 👌

  13. Mohamed Ahmed Naguib

    Is it always raining in the UK?

  14. hazwan malek

    Definitely TOYOTA HILUX!

  15. Ernest Mashilo

    That seat should have been electrically operated...disappointing on that one.

  16. Chigweyari

    Drive and review the Tesla Model S plaid! Thanks

  17. Towelie S4

    Are your shorts an England thing or an old man thing? That looks like mom shorts here in America. Don’t wear them again.

  18. LizeFX

    so no one is gonna talk about how a brand new audi has drum brakes???

  19. FsAviX

    I like everything except from that front, just not nice

  20. Blueryx Falls

    Drum brakes? Jesus.

  21. Olli H.

    OMG the ugly Touchpads from the Golf 8 GTI steering wheel.... they don't understand, I can't believe it. Touch is not always the best choice.

  22. Sohail Miski


  23. Vitesh

    Still waiting for daBaby car review

  24. Spider-manana

    I'm trying to figure out the folded jorts look, did Mat think we wouldn't notice that?

  25. Plvt0n1vm

    Kind of weird it didn't come with a backup camera 🥴🥴

  26. FreeCodeCamp Developer

    Matt I have an electric car, I do 70+ a day (over 15K miles), my rear disks are rusty. Drum breaks at the rear should be a standard thing. Hard to get your head around I know, but I do wish my car a drums on the rear.

  27. Crypto Yoda

    Sure Tesla Y /X is super car...but compared to Audi it is ugly. AND did you see the interior ??? That's a joke. Somehow you still can't compare Tesla to a old super car manufacturer.

  28. Absalom Nöyryyttää

    Matt, now that the Tesla Model S Plaid+ got cancelled, what will you do? Are you going to order the Plaid?

  29. TheUnstoppableBrigade

    15:09 This caught me off guard

  30. A Badger

    I have an ID.4 and love it...however I think this is better looking. It will be a lovely car.

  31. Waleed J

    Drum brakesssssss!

  32. Alejandro Rubio

    GTR is noticeable slow

  33. Kevin Jojo Payyapilly

    12:58 you should mention that rear view camera is standard on toyota yaris

  34. Max

    This is basically an advertisement for stock cars haha

  35. Dylan Toussaint Innocent

    Not very modern the it 😂 men those breaks

  36. consumer streams

    You should make time stamps in your videos

  37. Thebeast

    U should comparing the r with rs 🤦‍♂️

  38. Ahmed Abdel Fatah

    Stop complaining about car makers not moving their fuse boxs to the right.. It's not their fault 😜

  39. Dean Churchman

    "I didn't read the weather forecast" Matt, you're in England, it's going to rain.

  40. mrsmiastef

    Thanks for a great video! I like the grill. I know it is not there for any reason other than looks, but I think that's OK. Looks matter and I like it, gives it a very distinct Audi look.

  41. Yuxuan Xiao

    Who else is excited for the inevitable Genesis GV80 review from Carwow!

  42. ano shaju

    Bro I am a big fan of you 😇😇 You let me know more about cars 🥰🥰the best channel on you tube 🤩🤩

  43. Antti Kalpio

    I still think Enyaq is best of the available cars on MEB platform.

  44. Hookie

    As always on carwow - Audi = the best. Yawn.

  45. squelch079

    Tesla is way behind in build quality

  46. Marko V

    electric cars are trash, change my mind

  47. Arpan Mascarenhas

    the cameraman is WRONG.. I feel Audi's are boring but they are cracking through that shell with their light designs, steering wheel shapes and their exterior designs.

  48. AdBreak

    Ray's a cheat.

  49. Carlo Duroni

    Most common fault fo Skoda Citigo: clutch. Most common fault for VW up!: brakes. How strange for, mechanically, they're the very same car.

  50. Hazhan Mohamedamin

    Thank U Mat Watson ✌

  51. Sh!tehawk

    "the floor is completely flat" Shows a floor that's not quite flat...

  52. Brenner

    06:48 Meme material right there XD

  53. Hamilton Gary

    Carwow : Audi E-tron review Mat : "I just didn't read the weather forcast"

  54. Andrew Harrison

    Well done, I HATE Masks and just stopped as soon as you put that thing... You also have lost a SUB too.

  55. Steve Stavynzi

    those shoulder lines remind me of Bentley Continental

  56. Beardchanics Garage

    Not just the gloves box that's annoying, generally the central console buttons are wrong too. Start/Stop button on passenger side ect...

  57. D S

    Or until Cupra e-Formentor arrives?

  58. WB Games

    Thank you carwow

  59. Desmond selebale

    it's beautiful

  60. Amira Mohamed

    The best electric cars is the mercedes EQC

  61. Hübi Tschübi

    Is there an option with electronically operated seats? Because in a car like this, I would expect it to have electronically operated seats for driver profiles.

    1. HRK35

      knowing that this is the "top of the line" model without the electric seats...pretty embarassing tbh I know on the new Audi A1 (expensive af btw) you can't even have them LOL welcome to 2021 Audi

  62. Niall O'Sullivan

    I go back and forth with Audi and Vw. I think the ID4 is a more interesting car in this case. This just looks like a Q3. ID4 is a cleaner more futuristic design like a Tesla.

  63. Евгений Ленков

    Still looks like a Volkswagen to be honest...))

    1. Hugh Russell

      Cuz it is, duh

  64. Rapii

    the drums tho🤢

  65. Tahsin Faiyaz

    This is sportback. The other is coupe and hella ugly.

  66. Henrik Drums

    Audi - now fully protected

  67. -TJ-

    Audi interior design is heading in the Puegeot direction. Not good.

  68. sanda ngcobo

    Audi is the best in electric cars

  69. RandomRockyCX

    Having driven a electric car for the last 4 years and almost 130.000 miles, the drumbrakes makes A LOT of sense!! Rear brakes has to be serviced often because they will rust if you dont think about using them hard once in a while! :) And to do a prober efficiency test you have to go from A to B and back to A... unless it wont come out right, either if you have hills or a massive headwind.... if you do A to B and back to A, you will get a better picture of range :) :)

  70. Sneka97

    That AR system is impressive hahahaha

  71. CrapFortniteGamer21

    i will be going in my EV to france for skiing, my dad has a late 2019 tesla model 3 performance, our other car is a renault zoe 😂 we don’t have any fuel or diesel cars.

  72. Jacob Rev



    Why is this going in jungle bdw from some time 🤔😏😏

  74. Vlad Mihai

    so this is an eniaq with an audi badge.

  75. Sizakele Comfort Mtshweni

    You gonna need to convince me better to get me to buy these electric cars...

  76. Leeda1gooner

    Hi, have you ever done a quarter mile race in reverse gear only

  77. Dylan Toussaint Innocent

    The design looks great it has a nice interior don’t really like the steering wheel

  78. sussboi

    It's 2021, heading is 2020, video was published 5 years ago... what? Lol