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  1. Joe Joe

    What music is this 2:35

  2. Backseat Driver

    These cars are not competitors and they are priced almost $20,000 apart! Which makes the Golf R better!

  3. Dasun Jayaweera

    Can you please do a review of vega electric car

  4. paradox ferdriguez

    Thanks for listening carwow

  5. M Y

    Buddy whats wrong with your eyes 😂

  6. Gamer507 ProGamer

    Imagine what the upcoming RS3 will do to the mercedes

  7. Sahil

    Is this the Motegi red metallic?

  8. Paul Jamieson

    as a 2018 Focus RS driver, that new R is pretty sweet! .. but by the time I can afford a new car (2030), I will have to buy an EV .(probably)! lol

  9. ttmadness34

    looks like a rover 75 from the rear. :)

  10. Abdel Hakim

    8k more ??? Its 16k 😴

  11. Everyone Has A Point EHAP

    765lt vs 911 turbo s vs whatever relevant Lamborghini vs a Ferrari 812 super fast

  12. Rakhsi Prayogo

    Mat Watson "This A4 The New BMW 3 Series,Mercedes C Class or The New Lexus ES" Dari 0:40

  13. RussoTV

    That bmw looks UGLY AF jesus

  14. James 009

    The Merc is 45% more for 0.3 sec 1/4 💀,ill take the golf please 😜.

  15. Alvaro Santacruz Villarreal


  16. Warran Fawcett

    Mat, I really enjoy your reviews - you crack me up. However, why are you trying to put your elbow in your cup? I think you're nitpicking a problem that doesn't actually exist? If you have the manual gearbox (I do), the placement of the cupholders isn't great for larger travel mugs, (which you've mentioned before) but when you're reviewing the automatic, it just isn't an issue and you would never put your elbows out in front of you in the way you demonstrated - what's occurring there fella?


    3:58 it's just like a kid that want to fall🤣🤣

  18. justin wilson

    Am I the only one who though that electric piped in engine noise sounds absolutely terrible and fake?

  19. Vicken Melkissetian

    Love your german accent 🤪🤪

  20. kusuma aryasih

    And in indonesia audi is not too durable and too expensive parts price soo the audi is little bit poor in indonesia😭 i hope audi can more durable in modern generation🙏

  21. Sam Newman

    Have you guys drag raced the R8 against the TTRS? Or have I dreamt that I watched it? 😂 love to see more of the SUVS Race, Jag, Aston, Bentley, Rolls, Urus, Alfa, Maserati, Range

  22. Victor van Dyke

    The new Tesla should be called 2S3XY or just 2SEXY.

  23. Yoan Sampietro

    I prefer the old land rover

  24. kusuma aryasih

    Like i say in indonesia all car without soft limiter 😎 i love indonesia oh yeah👍🙏

  25. DookB

    That Porsche is so so sexy. I will have one some day.

  26. Alex Nelson

    They E46 M3 is faster than he drove it, you have to keep the traction control on but DSC off and sport mode on so you can turn the rev limiter up an extra level to S6 mode that allows for maximum revs and shifting speed. Also in this mode put the gear lever forward and push the brake and gas so you can activate launch control at about 1900 rpms

  27. Brett Leisy

    question about the camber, I know a lot of people that are doing this typically increase the tire width, which lowers fuel economy, would a slight camber improve fuel mileage by reducing the contact patch? not that Im about to do this cause I think it looks silly, but just a question on the physics

  28. paski502 possner

    World is changing

  29. César López

    Absolutely gorgeous car!!!!

  30. Rick Wayne

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    3. George hills

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    4. Mark Donald

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    5. Roland O'Donnell

      I'm from the UK,🇬🇧 I and my colleagues gave him a try and it has been good returns of our investment, Thanks Mr Randy Lucas

  31. Kasen Haddix

    Sucks that the mew Supra is so ugly and not even a Toyota anymore. Waste of money

  32. iWooR 54

    La nouvelle elle est incroyable et quand elle est en face de toi c’est un monstre mais j’ai une préférence pour la précédente donc la c7 comme la a7 je préfère l’ancienne mais la nouvelle elle est incroyable

  33. alper1001

    düzde herkes hızlı gençler, maçası sıkan virajda trackta gelsin, daha 2 gün önce girdik piste o çok sevdiğiniz golf le 3 tur dönemeden, arıza verip çekiciyle eve döndüler, kadına etec, erkeğe vtec gençler, öyle vagdan aldığınız 3-5 kuruş rüşvetle bize challenge yapmayın, ağır bozarız sizi, burası izmit, this language is izmitçe, anlıyon da ince ince ???

  34. Stephano Martinez

    3 cars I would never even look at buying. Even with an endless supply of money

  35. UK Abandoned Mine Explores

    It's ugly on the outside but I'd take that interior anyday over a Tesla.

  36. King is Back

    Well done VW 👏👏 with 101 hp less than A45 and does the perfect job ❤

  37. Andreas T

    I really wonder what the BMW design department is smoking lately

  38. Korey Bryan

    You all need to get some more experience when it comes to driving.

  39. Victor van Dyke

    Certainly looks like a stunning car!

  40. Mac Kurapa

    U should buy the fucken car

  41. Terry Vincent

    Name??? ''2''. As in, ''2 s3xy''.

  42. Dappaus Tijaiac

    one of the disadvantages of being a Chinese company is people always link you to some ridiculous CCP conspiracy, brainlessly.

  43. V10

    Matt keeping to his Masonic agenda now HES made it

  44. Samuel Watt

    Mate the fiesta isn’t going to shag you

  45. Terry Vincent

    I KNOW if/when it comes to Australia, it will cost about $55,000 AUD in TODAY's money. (April 2021) NO joke. We have NO incentives here AT ALL. NOTHING. ZILCH. ZERO. POOR EV charging network. We are VERY VERY FAR BEHIND the world.

  46. LiL Romi

    The best looking electric car yet

  47. Safi Ullah

    petition for a drag race between all audi rs models

  48. dominik bleuel

    Im german And im digging the German accent

  49. Jay Keltner

    How come most of these cool hatches are not available in the US? : (

  50. dolita windo

    Starter girl is back!! 😀 😁 ♥ 😍


    Get some.intresting race carwow

  52. Le-WiiSs

    Stupid laws

  53. Matt Vesta

    Does anyone else thinks this electric car trend is garbage? Playing games with the car??? Seriously ? Is that the best tool you have to sell this???

  54. E. C.

    You need an Iphone with this "thing" major Douche factor.

  55. Adam Montoya

    That was closer than I thought it would be.

  56. Don Juan

    Looks like a vw passat

  57. Brian Bloomfoeld

    To be honest there wasn't a lot in it. Compared with the pice of the two cars. :)

  58. Marlaina Devita

    Yes he did


    Anyone else loving the colour of the Merc, or is it just me?

  60. Nico Havia

    Before i even watch this the people that know that the mersedes has the worlds fastest 2.0 liter engine know who is gona win

  61. Stefano Martino

    me as Italian porsche fanboy when seeing this video🤤

  62. Ofir Sagi

    Maybe the Golf R is more comparable to an A35?

  63. Andrei Simionescu

    Bro, the fact that you plainly acknowledge the shortcomings of the site and are not afraid to call shit out is amazing and gives me even more confidence to use it for my next lease. That's how you represent a brand people can trust. Well done, Mat!

  64. Sheng Zhan Wong

    the tesla losses everywhere in this race

  65. riadhdec dec

    stop insulting BMW by comparing it to a Peugeot

  66. 555 Flori

    7:00 matt, the merc is about 18* thousand more..

  67. short vidz

    Those car's are so quick

  68. Kyle Kirkland

    im sorry but that golf R is god awful ugly

  69. blalien777

    Dodge just 🙏 release a AWD V8 version of every model for shits and giggles! I'm sure you know, it'll scare the SHIT OUTTA MANY SUPERCAR OWNERS 🤣😂

  70. Luis Delgado

    every camera exept the face camera looks good why lol 😆

  71. Denis Medic

    And people say to me : I actually like how the new type r looks....

  72. D J

    Surely the A class is due a face lift now ? Looking dated and the rear is dreary

  73. Iniesta Wan


  74. Virtual SoundScape

    Tesla Model R - S3XYR

  75. Mark J.

    Can you do Golf R vs BMW 335d please!?

  76. Singh Sang

    VW: £39k vs. AMG: £57K Matt @ 6.55 : "So do you think it's worth the extra cash, it's around eight grand more." Errm..... 🙄

  77. Krakens Esports

    S.a emoționat loganu'

  78. supreme

    The fact that the golf r just keeps up is amaazin

  79. Danny Doyle

    8 grand difference or 18 grand Matt? Audio wasn't the only thing faulty🤪 In fairness to the golf, for £18 grand less and 100hp less, it did alright.

  80. Yaur Yaur

    Nobody is interested in cars in the middle of a pandemic.