Lamborghini Urus v BMW X6M - DRAG RACE


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    It’s Saturday morning, so you know what time it is… Time for another Mat vs Yianni showdown!!
    We’ve got a BMW X6M Competition going up against a Lamborghini Urus (no prizes for guessing who’s in which car)! These two SUV heavyweights are going head-to-head over the quarter-mile, and when looking at stats alone, you might think it’ll be an easy win for the Urus!
    Under the Lambo’s bonnet, you’ll find a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 which can deliver 650hp and 850Nm. As for the BMW, it may pack a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8, but it only puts down 625hp & 750Nm! But that’s not all… The Urus is also 200kg lighter than the X6M!
    Now, of course, we know the BMW has one trick up its sleeve - an EPIC launch system! The question is, will it be enough to snatch the win on this wet track? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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    1. Mat Watson Cars

      Hey Mat here: so did we call the drag result correctly?

      1. Mou Douk

        repeat this race in dry condtions

      2. Nicholas Snyder

        No I feel like the x6 m would win on the autobahn. just not in a drag

      3. brenda M


      4. TheGreatLoco

        Why Yanni and no Becky Jackson?

      5. Good_GAM3r_ 2929


    2. Ali Ali

      Less goo Germany 🇩🇪

    3. Shawn Ferrell

      Idk if I’m a bmw fan boy or not but I love to seeing bmw kick butt

    4. RussoTV

      That bmw looks UGLY AF jesus

    5. Mr A

      The so-called Lambo has a Porsche engine and an Audi interior. Awkward. 🙈

    6. spy W O L F

      Bmw fan

    7. M far.han._

      Sarkis from rdbla might get happy after seeing this.

    8. Abdul Aziz Amod

      BMW fan boy here. Just dropped by to leave some moisture.

    9. Mezan Miah

      Editor needs a raise

    10. Alex K

      Uuuh! Did Bob say he put 24 inch wheels on the Urus, he's lost a heap of power if they're larger than standard? Anyone pick up on that?

    11. madman gaming

      I bet the M5 could beat a lambo hurican

    12. Mukesh Rana

      Please do tug of war

    13. wisdom Onyekachi

      huh finally

    14. wisdom Onyekachi

      come on race faster

    15. Typowy Seba z BMW

      The second roll in Sport X6M didn't kick down

    16. Anji Destinval

      Putting 24' wheels, and then, crying after 😂🤣 U already knew that was not good for a drag race 😅

    17. Bert Nyari

      bmw is monster car 😤😂😂

    18. SoulWtf

      what year is the bmw if anyone knows by a chance?


      What are they so excited about? They are just sitting there while the cars are doing all the work...

    20. archyleach

      Scrolling through videos, my eyes saw “Lamborghini Anus”. 😀

    21. KG !

      The BMW is shit ugly! Looks like shit. Doesn't look anything performancelike at all. So bad. But fast.... :P

    22. Dalani Vo


    23. Tiaan Strydom

      Lambo always think they fast shame 😂

    24. Manas Rajput

      Bmw Rocks 💪

    25. 흐헿


    26. Japan Sexy girl

      Oh my...

    27. Japan Sexy girl

      What the ****

    28. Mr Tarek

      nic edit

    29. Bady Elabed

      Lamborghini should lies about their specs;.. if not!!! so why Bmw beat it??

    30. Mohammed Faizan

      Hi guys, I request you to switch the cars are race again we would love to watch you driving Lambo

      1. Mohammed Faizan

        Yanni on BMW

      2. Mohammed Faizan

        I mean Mat Watson on Lambo

    31. Jack Dorsey

      That BMW is a real looker. LOL

    32. Luca Sgobio


    33. Gustavo Bayer

      Parece que por aí chove todo dia,kkk

    34. marilyn m

      I feel like Yianni is always in the most expensive car in the race. And if none of the cars are expensive he dosen't show up.

    35. Alexander Calisthenics

      BMW 💪😍

    36. Saurabh Liman

      BMW (bhot mehengi wali)🤣🤣

    37. shakti biswal

      These people just talk more and i need to skip the video

    38. Sylphide

      Nowadays Porsche/Lambo are beaten by BMW/Audi/Merc !

    39. edi 67

      bmw power😎😎

    40. quattro porte

      Twin Turbo makes work.

    41. marc Lee

      Lambo is just a brand. Not good in engineering design

    42. Andrew Pease

      Good lord! At least a ton too heavy.

    43. Sarbjeet Kaur

      Lamb won all day everyday

      1. Turismo


    44. Mark Brisec

      What is this Yani guy story? Is he a son of a Middle Eastern sheik or did he made his millions by inventing the first workable nuclear fusion generator?

    45. Trevor Ballantyne

      Throw in a Track Hawk Dodge one of these times. 😁

    46. Mevin Aundoo

      BMW Power 💪🔥💯🎉 Their v8 engine killing everyone at the moment 😃 #bmwfanboy 😁✌️

    47. Clarisse Anne

      BMW LEGEND 🙌🏻🖤🔥

    48. KNO2005

      This guy looks like the Connor MacGregor manager

    49. Gabriel MZA

      As a bmw fanboy I'm completely hard rite now

    50. AK

      Not gonna lie the bmw look way better than the urus

    51. balex billions

      He doesn't know how to drive the Urus , that's why I bet he didn't use launch control , and I hate when the Urus loses

    52. ROHNIDO

      Make a 2.9 V6 Battle ‼️‼️ RS-4 RS-5 Panamera Turbo and the Audi S6/S7 USA Version with the 2.9 V6

    53. Shubhankar T

      the problem was with yainny becuz if u see closely at start he has the brake on still for like a split second so he gets slow start

    54. dhruv timblo

      Say which is the fastest SUV??

    55. King Charyyew

      BMW KING

    56. Marco Reus

      Lets be honest its a bloody audi.....

    57. Vajral Gowda

      X5m competition sounds and looks way better than the x6m competition

    58. Vajral Gowda

      M power 😤

    59. Automotive kazhak

      British is boring mate. 😂😂

    60. Necmettin Yılmaz

      fiyatlara bak çıldırırsın birim olarak 4 lastiği gelmiyor lan bizde

    61. Fdili Malainine Productions

      You gotta give it to the M 😎

    62. yaboiiijd

      Dude in the urus just can’t drive

    63. Nadder Ragi


    64. Prince Koomson

      My dad got a x6 to I love it sound

    65. Mr Crab

      BMW 🙌🏽😂

    66. David

      What's the brand of his knit ? (the haert with a sword)

    67. Noel Dharmadasan

      Mat you could have driven a honda accord and you would still win

    68. Hamik Movsesyan

      Я был в стороне БМВ и он победил.👏👏👏👍👍👍

    69. Jess Gohn

      I wanna bmw noow..

    70. Superchips Games

      my mom got a new ford puma st line 2020 yesterday :D dark grey

    71. Hirak Jyoti Das

      Matt Watson looks like Bear Grylls brother

    72. Tushaar N

      i hate mat for making a lambo lose

    73. snake eater

      Quick recommendatiton. Set the finish line cameras taller then cars.

    74. Arhaz Arhaze

      It's funny how the Urus plays fake sound trough the speakers and yani thinks it sounds like that Lol

    75. Sebastien Desormeaux

      You can "chip" the urus... Basically a RS7 engine. 1000hp easy.

    76. Michael Mogusu


    77. Broken Beats

      6:33 I'll guess you're right

    78. Real Trillquez


    79. Brutal nenqimoz


    80. Abhi 5632 Jith


    81. nabru laxan

      Tesla model x shows up

    82. Underage Driver

      You should do a Jeep Grand Cherokee track hawk vs Lamborghini gallardo. I would really enjoy that

    83. Mick C

      Always thought the Italians were best known for fast cars and pizza's..Hmmm🙄

    84. hassan ashiq

      bmw is bmw bors

    85. Ocean Sea

      BMW fanboys unite!!

    86. Chi Okanks

      Lambo.Urus is the LOML (Tears!)

    87. Rordon Gamsay

      I really thought Porsche was going to win in another video

    88. JAnx01

      It's very disturbing how hard Matt is trying not to offend the Arab.

    89. Oliver Kleinle

      Nice Urus in Strada 🤦🏽‍♂️ Race in corsa

    90. Gaming Knight

      Dude hippopotamus weight is 3.2 ton.

    91. justice nkabinde

      you not a bmw fan boy but you always in it🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    92. justice nkabinde

      sure vids but why plotted so many ads?????????why why whyyyyyy

    93. Dwayne John

      Yanni sell the Lambo!! also you’re correct larger wheel size does affect overall rotational speed of the wheel!!

    94. Dwayne John

      That Lambo is a waste of money!!!

    95. cdrbews

      The Lamborghini looks better and will retain its value. Where as the BMW will depreciate dramatically immediately upon driving it off the lot.

    96. Adam Abuhykil

      6:33 yeah and mercedes fan boys are going to hate this video

    97. Bvri

      These edits kill me 🤣

      1. 66vapor66

        Hahaha the edits are comedy gold bro

    98. LesBec Kilby

      lets see how the trackhawk stacks up..

    99. Tshepo Masemola

      Beamer has done it again

    100. Yasser Rami

      you are bmw fan boy