We drove the Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2 until they DIED!


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    Thanks to Richard for joining us & lending his Teslas - bgclip.info
    It’s time for another carwow electric car range test!
    We’ve got the new Tesla Model 3 Long Range Performance going up against the new entry-level Model 3 Standard Range Plus and the Polestar 2!
    All three cars will start with a fully charged battery, and they’re going head-to-head on laps of the M25 in London to see which goes the furthest!
    When you just look at the stats, it seems like it’ll be a walk over for the Long Range Performance, given it has a claimed range of 352 miles, compared to the 278 and 292 miles of the Standard Range Plus and Polestar 2 respectively.
    But will it play out like that?! Or will their claimed ranges vary wildly in the real world, just like we've seen in our previous EV range tests? There’s only one way to find out… Let’s GO!
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    1. Jack Yong

      As a Mainland Chinese, I'm super proud to know Polestar is owned by one of worlds largest auto makers based in our great nation of China. #MadeInChina2025 #1belt1road 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

    2. tony n

      Tesla will always be a winner, they just far ahead of anyone else.

    3. Tori Efrom

      The performance range based off the Tesla website is 315 miles, so it was actually more than %81 of claimed range.

    4. Alex Shadow

      Great video. Well done, Guys.

    5. DetoNateR

      I just dont understand why European car reviewers including top gear use mph and other imperial units while they are in a country with metric units

    6. Christian Giæver

      I would like to see the performance of a Tesla, in the design of a Polestar

      1. BoyOnCrack

        Polestar probably got something cooking

    7. verygoodbrother

      No mention of average speed. It'll be nice to know they are maintaining the >70 mph speed

    8. Greg Siwik

      You can't just run them dead, they will just suck in all gunk electrons from bottom of battery cell and clog electricity filters and voltage injectors. Ask me how I know...

    9. Basement Tracks

      Seems like the tests were very realistic.

    10. Hierophantus

      Model 3 Standard = Macbook Air M1 Model 3 Performance = Macbook Pro M1 Polestar = Lenovo Intel i5

    11. Γιώργος Λύκος

      Υou can do a range test to petrol cars too

    12. LonelySpyro

      Edmunds still disagrees. Why are they so anti Tesla?

    13. user user


    14. Lakisleon

      What was the average speed?

    15. Henry Heitmann

      Yup. Tesla beats Polestar on range. But they look bloody hideous.

    16. Freedom Finance

      Tesla's are just Betaa

    17. Peter Twiby

      Does Matt remind anyone else of a young Alan Partridge? He needs some driving gloves

    18. GBlove

      Only 81%? Than they are lying with mileage? ☹️

    19. nexus Ebtuoy

      Fabricated fake entertainment the USUAL on "ca how " .

    20. captain dezzdog

      Bit unfair to claim 68% of range ... the range would be calculated on a much greater mix of driving conditions... no??

    21. Ddb Bel

      You convinced me not to buy any BEV yet, The claimed range is kinda cheating for the moment, thanks

    22. sandile wonderboy

      Love this Challenge

    23. Eagles_Eye

      i thought on the model 3 you can also set your regenerative braking to different levels?

    24. Siema


    25. Mamoru Chiba

      That Guppy face was killing me lmao

    26. Alex Corti

      Bit disappointed with the polestar range considering I've just ordered one lol (without the performance pack) but I think it's way better in basically every other way.

      1. Peter Harrison

        The Feb update improved range a little (not tested in this video). Also the P2 range is more affected by temperature so in warmer months it will improve. I achieved 25kWh/100miles on a trip last week, which is 290+ mile range ⚡️👍🏻

    27. Sam Hagen

      Are there smaller rims available for the Performance? I'm sure with smaller lighter wheels you could close the gap.

    28. Jean Marc VAN BELLE

      A simple diesel gets 1000 km when you drive like this. New Honda Civic only produces its diesel for Europe... Muchblower consumption and no add blue so no damage for nature... +je

    29. Jean Marc VAN BELLE

      i do not get something: Audi gets huge fines for frauding with some small percent with exhaust in CO2, here they fraud with >20% in life expectancy of batteries so a huge account on nature for CO2 and a real desaster for nature in Chili (Lithium), and this is ‘okay’. We became so subjective... Stupid 21st Century people we are. Hope that our grandchildren are much smarter and objective than us! In what electrical God did we believe??? +je

      1. Peter Harrison

        What’s the life of the battery?

    30. danny lin

      The elite database quickly communicate because hardware perioperaively coil past a abject caption. vulgar, blue-eyed door

    31. PedroGfin

      5:36 That’s not how you check your available range; that’s difficult and the estimate you get is not useful, since it’s just rated range and not dynamic. Keep the percentage display as it is and go to the Energy page, where the range and charge level estimates are accurate. EDIT: Just watched to the end. A very well done test, great video. 👍

    32. leo brown

      I say if it can't maintain highwa speed unti the end then it doesn't count.

    33. danny abe

      Best most acurate real world comparative range tests on the internet! Can't wait for you to range test the new made in Europe Tesla with the 4680 batteries against other EV's

    34. tom eng

      Polestar 2 AWD weight in kg = 2100 kg Maximum trailer weight = 1,500 kg Top speed 205 km / h Noise = 63 dB Tesla Model 3 LR AWD weight in kg = 1927 kg Maximum trailer weight = 910 kg Top speed 230 km / h Noise = 71 dB Jaguar i-pace weight in kg = 2,208 kg Maximum trailer weight = 750 kg Top speed 193 km / h Noise = 69 dB *********************************************** Polestar 2 AWD vikt i kg = 2100 kg Max släpvagnsvikt = 1 500 kg Toppfart 205 km/h Buller = 63 dB Tesla Model 3 LR AWD vikt i kg = 1927 kg Max släpvagnsvikt = 910 kg Toppfart 230 km/h Buller = 71 dB Jaguar i-pace vikt i kg = 2 208 kg Max släpvagnsvikt = 750 kg Toppfart 193 km/h Buller = 69 dB

    35. Tom Young

      The witty spandex immunophenotypically grip because goose untypically instruct astride a married fold. mute, swift sack

    36. 35014

      What a super entertaining and great video. Two points. You did not mention the Model 3 Long Range which is £6k cheaper than the Performance. Admitted it is a second slower to 60 mph but has nominally a slightly better range than the Performance. Second whilst the Polestar looks good and you like it because it is more traditional inside, part of the Tesla attraction is precisely that it is not traditional. Overall though the supercharger network trumps everything!

    37. Makke

      That Polestar looks so great inside and out!

      1. Niklas Lindgren

        I agree, it's a pity there is no support of fast-charging above 150kW. I haven't seen a P2 charge over 100kW at least. Currently there are only three brands that support fast charging i e Porsche, Audi and Tesla. The Taycan and Audi GT are basically the same car. Some cars definitely needs to improve CW and loose weight, Tesla is in another league to be honest, or more than five years ahead of the competition.

    38. George Wiltshire

      The polestar is so loud

    39. I dínen lúg - der leise Drache

      "... bu' this isthe thing with Tesla's: the infrastrucksha is jus' be'ah! an' tha' coul'be a dealbreakah!" I LOVE this british english/dialect so much :'D

    40. Nokenify

      Finally, thanks for using kilograms and not poundfeet per torquethumbnails.

    41. Brian Numme

      There’s NO way I can enjoy driving these cars with constant worry about what power | mileage is remaining!

    42. Roger Fernandez

      The poor scooter symptomatically glow because suede superficially need mid a bad jumbo. successful, dreary share

    43. Joan Goyeau

      9:53 How does it automatically set your steering wheel when you switch driver profile?

    44. Bracken Dawson

      Hey, tow mode, he really does read the comments.

    45. Marcel Dobberstein

      Test VW id 3 vs Hyundai E Kona

    46. Arran D

      The rear indicators on the tesla are tiny, really hard to see

    47. 999pez

      None of them qualify for the government grant any more so that's an extra £3k to pay.

    48. izuki moti

      The handy wish resultspreviously smash because person interstingly roll throughout a alike bike. zesty, calm rectangle

    49. Mick Flick

      I'm assuming you avoided the penalties for using a hand-held mobile phone when driving on a public road by using a hand-held two-way radio and loophole in the law?

    50. Anders Sjöberg

      I want to see the same tests with some common petrol cars ☝

    51. Jevon Frost

      Great insightful review. So the only reason you preferred the polestar was the styling and location of speedometer? Both of which I prefer the tesla(owned a car with a central speedo). The only down side for me would be Tesla service Center reputation, the rangers are great though.

    52. Ed Silvester

      I’m so bored with this obsession with “how far can it go?” With evs. Why not drive a petrol car until it runs out if fuel? Why not? Because its boring; thats why not. Move on. Get over this. It’s fuel.

      1. Ed Silvester

        @Jevon Frost new battery. This requires new thinking. New finance models. New ways to measure depreciation. My point is that car journalists have been doing this same lazy test for a decade now and it got dull a long time ago. As soon as cars started doing 200-300 miles to a charge and super-charges were giving you 100m in a few minutes, it became obsolete.

      2. Jevon Frost

        The range is a massive value factor, come back in 10 years when your pole star does 150 miles and the Tesla 200

    53. koruki

      Need to test the Model 3 LR on 18” Aero

    54. yunguran

      5:9 im on carwow channel

    55. Adrian Scarlett

      Can you do some range tests on a track to see how short you can get the battery to last?

    56. Serious liar

      Tesla is like a cheap chinese toy!Good and interesting now (kids)but after 3 days you can throw it in garbage🥱

    57. Charles De Wit

      Uhm... the Polestar you use is the one with the performance pack, and the suspension is stiffer.

    58. Henry Varga

      Sorry, but this is a bit amateurish. These 'range' tests' do not take into account that the given range for an EV car is based on a mixed driving cycle, hence your statement at the end that Polestar 2 only has 79% of the promised range is not correct. A Polestar 2 might have better recuperation than Tesla. If you want to test the real promised range vs the actual range you need to test the cars on the same type of cycle. In addition, it depends on under what type of test cycle they have been given their range. And who drives these type of distances on a daily basis, not many. Here a good more nuanced discussion om EV range: bgclip.info/run/hoOIaKeklofN0aQ/video

    59. Roepie Roepie

      Electric Expensive cars Who doesn 't want to drive long time. Maybe in the far future. Car builders try again. For now i run away for it

    60. Drive EVolution

      you should try a Model 3 LR AWD, it would be interesting.

    61. Robert Leune

      For the Polestar 2, 292 miles is the claimed range for the 19" non-Performance Pack. You obviously drove the Performance Pack, whose claimed range is 275 miles WLTP. That would bring this test to 72% of claimed range, not 68%

    62. Drive4fun

      I would agree with Matt, now the question is Tesla model 3 basic or VW id3 ?

    63. Julian Thrussell

      'Love the safety features' every new car has sonar auto braking.

    64. Domino Lehmann

      Where is the Model 3 LR?

    65. Domino Lehmann

      05:54 you just don't know about the trip display. there are several easier ways to show the remaining miles and there is voice control too

    66. Stoianov Adrian

      @CARWOW: I would love to see the same comparison with the Jaguar iPace. Thank you!

    67. Grant -

    68. moriusca livia

      The overwrought couch cellularly occur because dad jelly arrive qua a aware rise. humorous, aspiring foxglove

    69. Aaron Ross

      what about the long range tesla

    70. Tero Piispala

      Why every car magazine and most of the testers talk about claimed range like manufacturers would be unreliable and lying. The range is EPA range and defined by standardised test. Typically range display is based on EPA range and remaining energy percentage. Some manufacturers try to estimate range based on recent driving but that can be very confucing. Most EV's like Tesla have very accurate estimation about energy consumption when using navigation. In that case car can know the speed and conditions you are driving. I don't remember seeing any mainstream media using that feature and quite often they run out of juice when 'promised' range didn't hold.

    71. Nick Houghton

      Yellow seatbelts from a 2000s Saxo??

    72. inverlass

      I wonder how long it would take to drive using one of these (electric cars) from Mayfair in London to Loch Ness near Inverness[569 miles]? ? ? (Taking into account the need to charge the car) Perhaps compared to a small car like the Renault Clio 1.2 Diesel. Which should take 10 hours 23 minuets>>>?

      1. Enrique del dod

        11 hours 23 minuets

    73. cbcdesign001

      I noticed when you were driving the Tesla you were taking your eyes off the road to look at that screen for far longer than you should have needed too. That screen and no instrument cluster is an idiotic design in my opinion, I detest it.

    74. TechRyze

      Please show a roundup at the end of the video with all of the mileage / range info on one page, with conversions to km for those who'd prefer that. Cheers!

    75. Hola Adios

      I guess Kona 64 kwh would won this test against the SR and the Polestar 2. And very close to the performance.

    76. Samuel Ashley Rawson Hill

      We don’t do range tests of any other vehicle, it confuses me still looking at the range! We don’t look at say the new M3 and like so it does 0-60 in ... bhp ... and it’s range on a full tank is ... 😂😂

    77. Mark Simrow

      does anyone else think the name "polestar" sounds like a stipper club name?

    78. Space is limited

      People need to agree that Teslas look like fish. Sorry fish

    79. Anonymous Suomynona

      Why can't there be even 1 Tesla competitor in the US. 🤦‍♂️ In China they're everywhere. But noooo the US has to have dogshit restrictions.

    80. netcool7

      Please do similar test with Tesla Model Y and 3 against the Ford Mach e. So many conflicting tests right now with Ford Mach e range.

    81. wedgtable

      omg could you put in any more ads?

    82. Hella Meiste

      I’m glad I have still exhaust soundaktor in my butt..😷

    83. Jayne Lane

      I was talking to a lady who got Tesla the white car it’s good car only used a chargers at home and the Tesla super chargers are good on long distance drives BUT they don’t like the snow she was ok though her husband got e-pace jaguar which was ok in the snow. We do have snow here so remember Tesla don’t like the snow cannot drive them in the snow.

      1. Enrique del dod


    84. Car Parking Multiplayer

      Car throttle is laughing while watching this! You should collab sometime! They’re the best when it comes to range tests

    85. Evan H

      i like polestar design but i probably prefer tesla tech/interface

    86. Steven Song

      For those in US who are confused on the claimed mileage at first (including me). US uses EPA range while UK uses WLTP range which may make it looks like they have misused Model 3 LR range for model 3 Performance range.

    87. FireFoxuser2

      long range vs standard plus would have been better, targeting larger audience that way

    88. richard howlett

      And people actually buy these things !!!

      1. Evan H

        @richard howlett I went to the showroom, it is a pretty car with fine finish but it might not be practical in terms of range and user interface/tech

      2. richard howlett

        @Evan H as he proved there great until you want to go somewhere.

      3. Evan H

        tesla yes, polestar i am not sure

    89. Paul Curtis

      I've got a polestar they do need to sort the range

    90. Aswin BUC

      Polestar also gets much more standard kit as well

    91. MC I

      5:04 - Woody Woodpecker laugh!

    92. XKS99

      This guy is "a bit of a faff"

    93. XKS99

      The Polestar looks like shit

    94. fatboy19831

      Just drove from southern Marryland to Alexandria Va in my long range RwD Tesla 3. Averaged 193 watts per mile in 46 degree f weather. Only had my seat heater going. Mostly stop and go driving. Average speed about 50 mph. This is where electric cars are most efficient. At that rate I could go over 300 miles on a full charge.

    95. Into the Multiverse

      I’m a M3LR owner and Tesla fan boy but we can’t lay claim to the heat pumps I think the Zoe and others have had them for quite a while.

    96. Mr.Coolio 4

      10:44 correction: 0.26

    97. David Knowles

      Rarely see Epping high road on youtube videos.

    98. Trevs Blog

      Why not the Mach E?

    99. Jan Aage Dela Hansen

      Range? Yes, - but stop at 10% and show how fast the EV can charge 150 miles. That is important for an EV driver.

    100. mike cave

      meanwhile honda - e drifting through the city