VW Golf R v Civic Type R - DRAG RACE


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    In the mood for a hot hatch drag race? Of course you are!
    The Honda Civic Type R is one of the most popular hot hatches on the planet. From either the front or the back, it’s instantly recognisable as a Type R! Once you take a closer look, you’ll find a 2-litre 4 cylinder turbocharged petrol engine under the bonnet, which will deliver 320hp and 400Nm.
    So looks and performance are all good - but what chance does it stand against the new Golf R over the quarter-mile? Just like the Type R, the Golf is powered by a 2-litre 4 cylinder turbocharged petrol to deliver 320hp. However, the Golf R can deliver slightly more torque, coming in at 420Nm. But that’s not all! While the Type R is just FWD and a manual, the VW has AWD as well as launch control!
    Does the Honda stand a chance? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
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    1. Langolier

      This is yet again proves that Honda Type R is what an extraordinary car. This is a straight line race. Honda Type R is faster than the Golf R around the Nurburgring, and it is FWD. Honda Type R is more than the sum of its parts. What is amazing is that Europeans while they were mocking American cars they are beaten by the Japanese on the handling. These days European cars good only for straight line performance. Also, since, they are beaten by Japanese cars around Nubrgring, they no longer want to mention its name anymore. Double Standard = European Standard (CE)

    2. alper1001

      düzde herkes hızlı gençler, maçası sıkan virajda trackta gelsin, daha 2 gün önce girdik piste o çok sevdiğiniz golf le 3 tur dönemeden, arıza verip çekiciyle eve döndüler, kadına etec, erkeğe vtec gençler, öyle vagdan aldığınız 3-5 kuruş rüşvetle bize challenge yapmayın, ağır bozarız sizi, burası izmit, this language is izmitçe, anlıyon da ince ince ???

    3. TitaniumKranium

      Automatic vs manual is stupid race

    4. Isaiah Sucre

      320 horsepower yeah right VW

    5. Jesus Espinar

      Probably, the ugliest hot hatch car we can buy now!

    6. paul brimson

      Dsg vs manual, only ever one outcome in a drag with similar bhp.

    7. Shaunzy

      German engineering 🤟🏾

    8. souradeep paul

      Always humiliates the civic

    9. Mohammed Sadiq

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    10. Northerner down south 6767

      Perhaps buying a Car that looks like it crashed through a Fast and Furious set doesn’t make it quicker.

    11. Heng Chao

      Dude that's not a fair race, put the differential of cost into the civic and see what happens lol better it would be closer than that. Now if it was type R vs WV gti? No that's a fair race you wombats!

    12. Tiago Peixoto

      Golf r 320cv nas rodas. Civic Type R 320cv no motor

    13. PANjilake

      This honnda type r is the worst ever type r ever built

    14. Balla Thug

      Does the Golf R come with a spare waterpump?

    15. R A

      FWD is junk. There's a reason why nobody is interested in any motorsport that involves FWD. Anything interesting is RWD or AWD, always has been always will be. Physics doesn't change.

    16. Sakti Diaz

      Mobil Jepang selalu jadi tai kalo lawan mobil eropa😂

    17. Jose Vieira

      Continuo a querer o civic...

    18. kevnev007

      40k for a Golf. Pay more for just posing, I would buy Japanese reliability everyday over German poor quality and rip off dealers.

    19. hi9580

      Those two are the fastest new small hot hatches in the USA. All the faster ones such as A45S and RS3 are only available as sedans in the US.

    20. fred sicard

      Not fear the civic is manual and the gofl is automatic

    21. Sorin Tudor

      I'm an owner of Honda Civic fk7. The only things I like from german cars are: the infotainment, the soundproof from road and wind noises, the quality of the interiors and the sound when doors close. When it comes to handle the road and the visits to services Honda wins hands down and I think this are the major filters when someone wants to buy a car. And also the budget and yes, Honda still wins also this point.

      1. junkiex33

        @Sorin Tudor the problem is that there are far too few good engineers and IT specialists in japan. Japan has a very large shortage of skilled workers and hardly any foreigner wants to work in a Japanese company because the Japanese are very different culturally.

      2. Sorin Tudor

        @junkiex33 I have a big hope in the japan creativity and engineering

      3. junkiex33

        @Sorin Tudor toyota has no EV. And the honda e is a Crap overpriced car, that nobody wants here in germany and Europe. You will See my friend. The japanese are in very very big trouble.

      4. Sorin Tudor

        @junkiex33 japanese cars and ev?! 🤣 have you ever heard about toyota? Or Honda E, new HR-V, CR-V? You are talking about what, audi e-tron which costs more than the houses where we live in?!

      5. junkiex33

        @Sorin Tudor you will See what i mean when honda will not be relevant in the EV Market in the next years. The japananese car Companys are so far behind the germans and tesla, even koreans.

    22. Samuel Silva

      Golf R vs Supra A90 3.0l.. Will be an amazing comparation!

    23. Monkiimagic

      The Golf R is a road car that some people take on a track, the Type R is a road legal track car... not sure I can make it any more simple than that.

    24. Grace Philip

      Pls upload a 2021 honda accord review

    25. Tony Boswell

      Comparing apples and bananas, 🤔

    26. Krrizz Krozz

      Never mess with german autos.😎 VW

    27. Martin Stankov

      Yeah .. campare 2wd with 4wd .... what will you expect to happen when they are both same power but one uses 4 wheels to put power on ?

    28. Ben

      I’m sorry but the new golf looks absolutely disgusting worse than the civic, which is saying something cause that civic is just hideous!!!!

    29. Peter Hvisc

      All stock Golf Rs have got around 340 Bhp on dyno. Honda Type Rs have less than 320 BHp around 300 bhp.It is that different between them. bgclip.info/run/mn9tpaasxYKnrYo/video bgclip.info/run/dqNpnYDdzZusqGU/video bgclip.info/run/pZ9vepiqw6XQ1nY/video

    30. Leon Batey

      the civic aint a drag car. its designed to go round corners like its on rails

    31. ahhahhhahahh

      civic was in confort mode ? or was a grandma driving ? result are not real it's evident bullshit test glof 200 kg more for juste 20 Nm more difference is too big to be true if 2 are stock and if drivers are equivalent

    32. Milo Kadamus

      We have had both the VW and TypeR. We loved both but if we had to pick it would be the Honda every time. It is just so awesome on the twisties and has the big car feel. Not so much with the VW. The VW is fast no doubt but it does feel like a cramped car whereas the TypeR has a good race car feel. Without seeing the video I knew that the TyreR was always going to be well left behind in a standing start but when the type R gets going it is just so fun to drive.

      1. R A

        Hahahahaha wow, you're really clueless.

    33. Harry Poter

      Daaammmnnnn 39000 and 32000 English pounds. My 2.0T Camaro costed 18000 pounds brand new and can keep up with the same performance numbers 😎

      1. R A

        Yeah but you still own a base model Camaro that can't compete with either of these. hahahahahahaha there's a reason why people don't want american cars......

    34. Rick_Silva

      How mutch germains pay you for this vídeos??? Lets tell all The treu come on sucker brexits doing all for money

    35. T. W.

      How has a manual car soft limiter Lmao

    36. GeroTon

      Great stuff! I am very disappointed in the Honda..l guess Honda is a track car, but what's good a track car on the public road?

    37. EduS2K

      yeah,straigth lane,but in nurburgring civic do 7,43 and golf 8 r 7,51 :D

      1. Shahiran Nasir

        Civic sucks with manual transmission

      2. EduS2K

        @Marcin G Renault fan to xD

      3. Marcin G

        @EduS2K that is how a conversation with jdm psychofan looks xD

      4. EduS2K

        @Marcin G I repeat, the megane has double its price in improvements to be able to lower the time, in fact the megane is newer than the civic, surely the next civic will lower the time without having to cost double

      5. Marcin G

        @EduS2K it is inch to inch same as a megane that You can grab out of Renault showroom

    38. Laguna2kai

      4WD ... FWD... this is fu*k off!! On the Track is the Golf rubbish!!!

    39. bris fry

      Honda used to be innovative but that all went out the window in the early 2000's, 90s Honda was amazing.

      1. R A

        This is true. They don't make anything that appeals to me anymore, sadly neither do many off the Japanese brands. They all peaked in the 90's, regards interesting & desirable cars. Come to think of it the 80's & 90's is my preferred era of cars.


      GOLF R 4×4 4×2 ?? GTI vs TYPE R. 4×2 4×2 ?

    41. Arifian Ramadhan

      Hybrid car vs hybrid car pls!

    42. Kamal Jafarzadeh

      honda:where is my laptop?!


      Golf R will always be king

    44. Dark Abyss

      dont care what anyone says I would take a Type-R over a Golf any day of the week. The Type-R was built for one purpose and thats to be a track monster. Also who tf wants to deal with maintaining a VW and their ridiculous maintenance costs

    45. 13432 2dkti3

      dislike are from kevin honda fanboy 😂

    46. Dr Hassan

      Given both are going to be street driven i’d say this is a massive win for the Golf R. Its the better street car. Also its moving like it has a stage 1 APR tune

    47. Trevor Howell

      I think one of these 2 car companies is lying about there HP numbers...or maybe both

    48. Rich

      Volkswagen- again.......

    49. Demir Kuc

      limiter at 2:38 Sound really professional xD

      1. RuinedLife Records

        yep if the person would slam the gears right it would be another thing... but i guess its all about promotion ...

    50. Vysyrah

      That golf is damn fast

    51. Bob Lawango

      I said it before and ill say it again. Drag racing an awd with dsg takes alot of the fun away. All you have to do is smash the gas pedal.. no driving skill is needed.

    52. Ratz Män

      Was für ein Schwachsinnsvideo!!! Der Type R zersägt den Golf R in jeder Hinsicht. Allein schon von den Daten sollte das klar sein! Woher ich das weiß? Ich habe mit den Type R jeden, aber auch jeden Golf R damit gepulvert! Schönes Fakevideo!!!! Verpis.. euch carwow!!!!! Was ist das überhaupt? Hören sich an wie verkack.. Schwu.....!!!!

    53. Lee Ellis

      The Golf is so ugly now. The wheels are cheap and nasty looking. Even though its quick, it looks so boring!!

    54. florence alemi

      That Golf is faster than I thought

    55. M. Rendy Azha Danish

      After watcth this video, I don't like Honda Anymore

    56. JP L

      Bye bye!!

    57. panathaninf

      Unless you want to look like a psychedelic 19 year old hooligan the golf is the only choice

    58. BStard


    59. Talha Monir

      The civic horn is so silly and funny 😂😂😂

    60. brane27 b

      VW says we can't mess with this fwd then we make awd hahahhahaha...

    61. brane27 b

      This is not a class meter.... U prooo... Awd is complete another class as fwd u can't compare this shit u are awd compare with ue class and I'm sure ure the last one kasparle

    62. Wings 99

      I cry foul on the brake test. The Type R was behind at the line, so had a massive advantage. These brake tests are always rubbish. Why don't you just measure the stopping distance using the timing gear?

    63. brane27 b

      Amateur drivers both

    64. brane27 b

      And now don't say the golf drivers this this this and this u champs

    65. ***M-JC FckFanboys

      Carwow make the test sgain with the new Honda Civic TypeR with 400hp when he is come out pls

    66. ***M-JC FckFanboys

      Thats the new golf vs old civic? Well...let us wait for the new Type R and we will race again.

    67. brane27 b

      Driving Straight ahead is easy, nürburgring laptime says all... type r with 7.43 and the golf 7.50 kick ass..

    68. Liquid

      Love the golf, but I have my money on the type R because Honda is known to be reliable as hell

      1. Ch. Yotkov

        Since 2004 I had three Hondas: first Accord 5 I sold it at 258,000km; second Accord 7 I sold it at 212,000km, and since 2016 I own Civic 9 UK assembly, diesel engine(!!!) - ZERO problems, just maintenance and fuel - this is the most reliable car (and not only!) brand, even currently, knowing what "luxury" mass confection Euro-production has become, making cars brutally precisely engineered to endure up exactly to the warranty period and after a few months you start to face heavy and expensive problems, and you become the first friend with Mr.Smith from the service, and constantly break your nerves!! No, thank you very much! I made my choice.

      2. Liquid

        @13432 2dkti3 Having driven several hondas well beyond 130,000 miles with ZERO issues; yes they are, and its a very well known fact

      3. 13432 2dkti3

        LOL not really

    69. DommoPA

      No more vws for me. I hv a 21 ctr blue

    70. Anibal Perez

      Wow this is funny

    71. ElBigShegun

      Honestly I’ll rather have a Type R. Looks more mean

    72. カーキチたっちゃん

      Golf R is a torque type, Civic TYPE R is a rotary type, which is a natural result.

    73. sportin1here

      I'll still stick with the Type R!

    74. Enrique Aguilar

      Matt, you are hilar! 😂

    75. AudioVU

      There’s no way the Golf R is only 320hp. That’s crazy how hard it can pull on the Type R.

    76. Arslàán Raza

      This R almost had A45s run for the money. Type R has no chance!!

    77. Envy

      XDDD un automatico vs un manual, aqui depende mucho de como lo haga el conductor con el manual en ste caso TYPE R

    78. Guy Follong

      The Honda driver is absolute crab, he let the motor coup several times because he shifts to late. This is not a comparison but stupids breaking butiful cars neck.

    79. Complete Quality Review

      Still prefer Type R. It's that Honda spirit and fun, and excellent handling. It's not even that it's the fastest thing, I've always loved Honda's for their potential and spirit. You know not to underestimate one even if you can best it and you tip your hat to it when you see it do its thing. If I could put it the best way Honda has people's respect. The golf is just a decent car that's faster but I get no excitement or spirit out of driving a VW. I happily own a 2021 CTR and I've been a fan of the Type r since I was 8 playing Granturismo. I never like Honda cause I thought they were invincible its just something about them.

    80. America First

      Civic R is so sexy like most of japanese girls I preferer by far the civic R because Japanese 's technology rocks

    81. Gorden of Medleb Gorden of Limmed Consulting

      I think the Golf has a DSG gearbox, is 4 wheel driver, and has launch control.... So.... Useless comparison this.

    82. Andrea Silver

      The better for Honda type R 👍🏻 very nice

    83. Las Gamer

      0:33 thats like a prize of a tesla model 3

    84. Ahmad

      Civics catalytic converter is clogged

    85. clocktower7

      The VW will be paying visits back to the dealership with all kinds of issues where as the Honda looks HOT and will be as reliable as the Universe.

    86. snobmob

      only golf r drivers give a shit about straight line speed...a hot hatch for people that don't like driving.

    87. Awesome Me

      all wheel drive vs a two wheel drive damn he gave you a good one in rolling race

    88. Mr Franku

      Why is the other guy so salty lmao

    89. Tobacco John

      Type r is $39k usd

    90. 100 tysięcy rocznie

      Next CTR should be AWD. I think that new Golf R has over 400HP on dyno.

    91. pirinoli98

      Shiettt golf destroyet

    92. Swarnendu Dutta

      Golf R vs AMG A45s.

    93. Kenway Lam


    94. vincent vegamas

      Yes the golf is faster, but there is one thing that motor journalists never touch on. In 10 years time that Honda engine and gearbox will still be sweet as a nut.

    95. Stefan V

      Das Auto🚗

    96. João Clerton

      directly from brazil🇧🇷

    97. sodjas

      why have you shown a3/s3 shifter?

    98. Bryan

      Carwow guuuuurrrrrllllll xxxx


      That is really humiliating to Honda lovers. What a shame :(

      1. Muhamet Neziri

        By rhe way honda would never lose on normal circumtances, much better handling, braking turning etc, an much sexier

      2. Muhamet Neziri

        Launch controll + 4awd against normal car haha, i would be ashamed if it i was vw, imagine if honda was with lacunch control 4awd,

    100. TôCagandoPratuaOPINIÃO

      How much does VW pay you to make a FAKE video?