Cupra Formentor 2021 review - a Golf R in disguise?


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    This is the Cupra Formentor!
    It’s the first model to be released by SEAT’s performance division (at least, the first one not based on a standard SEAT!) and Mat’s got his hands on one for a truly in-depth review!
    So the Formentor’s a small SUV, and if there’s one thing we’re not short of on our roads these days is small SUVs! So does the Formentor offer enough to stand out from the crowd?
    Well when it comes to looks, it certainly does more than enough to stand out from the crowd! With roof spoiler and aggressive front grille, coupled with a sporty sloping roof line, we think it’s one of the best looking small SUVs around! As for performance, well the range-topping Formentor comes with a 2-litre turbo petrol under the bonnet to deliver 310hp!
    So, will that be enough? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
    00:00 Intro
    00:45 Price
    01:24 Exterior Design
    03:23 Interior
    07:47 Back Seats
    09:44 Boot
    11:06 Five Annoying Features
    12:09 Five Good Features
    13:27 Engines
    14:32 Town Driving
    17:42 0-60mph
    18:36 Verdict
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    1. jhndijkman

      The look of a Tormentor. Oh yeah, I ment the car.

    2. Mikko Hiiri

      Do they sell these with a huge discount? Because something as tacky as this really warrants it. Some one really buying these? VAG mothership trying to run SEAT to the ground?

    3. Sivanesh Waran

      Wait what!!4.3 seconds? THAT IS A MONSTER

    4. Beat Lounge

      Does it go all the way in tho? Motor journalism 101

    5. Wayne Heyes

      Amazing 🤩

    6. Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

      If only this car was a smaller body style.

    7. Taurus

      Cupra logo is awesome, like from some superhero haha

    8. richiesworld1

      When will car companies realise that there is no better feeling than wrapping your fingers around a knob?

      1. Metallica Fan!

        That's what she said....

    9. nati alon

      Is that car faster than Audi S3 ? You got 4.37s with the S3.

    10. Gandalfwiz2007

      Saying Cupra is not a Seat it's like saying Seat doesn't belong to VAG

    11. aly wongster

      You forgot to show the power outlet in the boot. THIS IS A MASSIVE SELLER TO ME I love the my cupra thank god I bought this car

    12. Serdar Aytemiz

      I first thought you said "the race seating position of an SUV" I was like waaaat??? Than I realized "raised" ohhhhhhhh....

    13. MrDillas1

      I CANNOT WAIT until i can afford to buy one of these 😭

    14. Sakura Zero

      Is this the vw t rock from seat

    15. Basti378

      as a non native english speaker, that intro was confusing as hell.

    16. Nedelcho Nedelchev

      Does it have active sound?

    17. Simen Bakke

      I gotta say I'm really starting to like this car. Hope it won't be too pricey when Cupra finally gets set up in Norway.

    18. Siniša Jakus

      Kopija golfaR

    19. André Wolff

      Let's just create smth new - it's an SUC, Sport Utility Coupé

    20. Sam Gambling

      Poor guy looks like he has one eye on the teleprompter off the side of the camera and another eye looking at some ducks 3 kilometres to the right.

    21. Vasista Boddu

      This car reminds me a lot of the Maserati Levante

    22. Michael willis

      Mat plugging his vag sponsors boring German barges.I noticed he didn’t try and shake the center console? What a surprise mat says shortlist a vag product again.That’s him paid.

    23. simon lloyd

      So it seems that the fashion is for building overstyled, ugly and enormous cars now?

    24. P. T.

      I saw this car a few days ago for the first time in my life. I see it everyday I go to work. I thought this has to be some kind of sport crossover with such agressive look, plus pretty rare because of another country licence plates. Had no idea this is Volkswagen.

    25. Arpandeep Chandi

      review the new seat alambra

    26. Aerick Vesereu

      4.3 second downhill...

    27. الحقيقة

      If you’re watching this video I hope you get this car and achieve all of your dreams

    28. Viktor

      Please compare what you get for a MINI Cooper S JCW 2017 WITH a MINI Cooper S 2022 🙀💪🏽🚘

    29. John Kane

      Maybe the Badge is "RS"...

    30. zak mns

      This car is awesome with a full exhaust upgrade it will sound amazing.

    31. Kevin Jackson

      Saving £800 on a £40k car is hardly a USP.

    32. Andy B

      The logo is cool! Space Invader-y

    33. P's Garage

      I really like everything about this car! Cupras way of styling it, the interior, this color on the interior and the logo 🤩👌🏽

    34. Jay Jay

      It's pretty cool tbh 😎

    35. YouTube

      Looks like a Mazda CX-5

    36. Michael Hansen

      I feel like saying Hail Hydra looking at that logo

    37. Allosaurus Fragilis

      These cars will likely depreciate heavily. Could be great secondhand buys

    38. Groaznic

      Mat to his crew: "Guys is this a Tucson? No?" Turns to the camera: "Wooooow guys what a great car this one is!"

    39. Petr Šulc

      it is 15 modes, Matt. Same as all new VW group models.

    40. LibertyPLtd

      @4:06 Pay attention lesbians..

    41. LibertyPLtd

      @2:05 - Jimmy Saville with a child, behind closed doors.

    42. Greg Lialios

      The pricey humor minimally shade because hole unquestionably satisfy afore a adaptable ikebana. sweet, likeable tile

    43. Kyran2011

      Mercedes basically already made this car lool 14-19 plate GLA

    44. AN D1

      That logo is ATROCIOUS and AWFUL - worst logo ever made. And it's also HUGE. Shame on your Seat.

    45. Be Low Below

      Is there no hybrid besides the plug-in hybrid? nah thanks

    46. Muhammad Awwab

      It’s the poor people’s Lamborghini Urus.

    47. rovamota

      I always think of Seat as a brand no one would miss if it folded tomorrow.

    48. mmm

      0:31= Me when I see a Ford Ka

    49. Brian Steele

      Most of the cupras look better than their Audi equivalents, but boring part of my brain says in geeky voice ‘residual prices..’

    50. Dan Latt

      "A slider is harder to operate than a knob" *dam 🥲* i know that feel

    51. Emir Sunay

      The only really annoying thing about this car is that it does not have a hood/bonnet damper and instead that yellow plastic arm from 10 years ago 13:45.

      1. Chris

        Golf r is the same

    52. Muireann Mulchrone

      This is a SEAT TARRACO lol its like a full copy

    53. ilard

      Jokemobile. Sorry VW! Try again.

    54. Harry Knoener


    55. Ahren Scholz

      That name is Awful is almost reads as fornicator

    56. Videos

      the styling is trash

    57. Tom Arnold

      A Tiguan R review would be greatly appreciated 🤞

    58. Andy Oldham

      5 days to go till I get mine, great review and helped me to choose, any info on the v2 dsg 1.5tsi as that is what I opted for?

    59. Puff

      Uhhh....I think Cupra might be hearing from Infiniti's design team about this one lol. QX50 much?

    60. Alan Flay

      What was that you said 🤷‍♂️🧐 the Cupra foomanchoo ? 😂😂😂

    61. WELLZY

      I like the badge

    62. Dincic Alex

      hey Mat you forgot 2.5 tfsi engine of cupra formentor vz5 with 390hp

    63. sehhi vooty

      The 0-60 is very impressive, and damn the design is on point!

    64. Joseph Ryall

      1:43 Cupra badge a symbol of medieval torture. Nobody expects the Spanish branded Inquisition!

    65. leon isaacs

      Looks like a Toyota CHR

      1. sehhi vooty

        Looks a Gaming laptop 😄

    66. Rob D

      Looks like a Mazda CX-5

    67. DS Rai

      It looks good and more attractive without the Seat badge for those who care about that. Not having just knobs for regularly used functions such as heating is a bit annoying though especially when you’re driving.

    68. Rene Jansen

      I think they took the Transformers logo as an example. 😂

    69. bocoy noiu

      Thanks for sharing! ??????

    70. CHUMA FX

      looks like a mini lamborghini urus

    71. Matthew Cornish

      The magic reappearing can at 6:35

    72. Alex Simon

      What's up with that name, though...? "Ay man, what car are you buying? - a formentor......."

    73. Daniel F

      So it is a better looking T-Roc

    74. Duke Amarasena

      The logo looks little like one from the Shadowhunters show, of anyone's seen it

    75. James Soriano

      Shortlist? He loved most aspects of the car, I thought he’d recommend people to just go right ahead and buy it.

    76. Moto-Pasje Kamila

      I have driven the new Cupra Leon plugin and it is rubbish! Terrible car! Terrible fuel economy! Terrible performance. The only reasonable Formentor is the one You are testing 2.0TSI 310HP - I've also had one in my test here in Poland. The test is on my BGclip channel. Great test as always! Cheers!

    77. Ce1es

      This tor is for men I suppose

    78. Skemeth

      The interior screams "3008 RIPOFF!"....that infotainment position and angle, this two layers dashboard, those air vents, this big central console... everything like peugeot 3008, but uglier and with cheaper materials

    79. John White

      Love the look of this car and beautiful inside too, would love one of these 👌😁

    80. Georgi Georgiev

      Love the car! Great review!

    81. Dennis Sågström

      Looks a Gaming laptop 😄

    82. Ditebogo Rangwato

      Front end and side profile looks like the Volvo V60 just with more aggressive lines

    83. Cemal Sonat Alicik

      This car looks like a gaming pc

    84. Ashish Joseph

      This car reminds me of the Lexus UX, it sometimes a jacked up hatchback, sometimes a small SUV.

    85. Tiago Filipe

      So... I remember seeing this car getting tested on the Nurburgring with the 5 cylinder from the RS3, guess it did not make it to the production version, that is a shame...

    86. Mikijs Mauss

      4.3.... WOW!

    87. John ‘Juice’ Shipper

      It looks like the badge of an off-brand RGB gaming mouse.

    88. junior minott

      the badge reminds me more of transformers

    89. 50shadesmixrace

      Check my channel

    90. Snapshots

      Really it's very nice car

    91. Othniel Sarpong

      As always... I’m gonna launch it

    92. Maiuran R

      what's that Phone Model

    93. The Real Senad Imsirovic

      SEAT = SAYAT...related to the accent... 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    94. Calin cALIN

      The Fermenter :))

    95. андрей ааа

      Cupra is VAG.

    96. Mikail Absa

      I would close my eyes and buy this car.

    97. Alexander Hotenpow

      Ads 😩

    98. LuciTulcea

      Seat Tormentor!

    99. J. Matthias v. d. Wal

      Weren't they planning to bring a 5 cylinder version of this?

    100. Isser Digan

      It looks like a Mazda CX30.. 😂😂