Nissan GT-R NISMO 2021 review - see how quick it is to 60mph & 1/4-mile!


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    Need help buying your next car? Click and my team and I will help you choose your ideal car at a fair price - from Mat Watson!
    Say hello to the newly-updated, extreme edition of the Nissan GT-R - the Nissan GT-R NISMO!
    It’s one of the most recognisable sports cars around, with a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 packed under the bonnet to produce 600hp & 650Nm of torque!
    Sounds pretty good, right? But that’s not all! Nissan claim it can hit 60mph in just 2.5 seconds! But then again, you would expect performance to be that good… Given it comes with an eye-watering £180,000 price tag!!
    The question is - is it really worth it? Especially when the GT-R in Prestige trim costs just HALF the amount of the NISMO!
    There’s only one way to find out… Stick with Mat for his latest in-depth review!
    00:00 Intro
    01:02 Price
    01:53 Exterior Design
    03:20 Interior
    04:18 Back Seats
    05:00 Boot
    05:48 Five Annoying Features
    07:40 Five Cool Features
    08:42 Driving
    13:22 0-60mph
    15:04 Verdict
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    1. Maybe Live

      Thank you. I was seriously interested to know.

    2. HK bhatti Info

      This car engine made by four very old and experience nissan gtr engineer

    3. Cornel Cernat

      💋💋💋Nissan Gtr 35

    4. Egi Ang

      Honda New NSX vs Nissan GTR R35 Nismo.

    5. azamiruddin

      Perodua Myvi is faster, especially the one with 4 exhaust pipes and lowered suspension.

    6. Jaime Segura

      Can someone post the stop distance from the other cars he mentioned? Thanks.

    7. vijayan k n

      We can upgrade it to 1000

    8. Vag Vour

      Gtr nismo or RS5-R 🤔

    9. Craig Eight

      If I was Nissan I would use 3 Yamaha EV motors in the new Skyline EV. Like 1000HP with instant torque in that setup.

    10. T Bone

      me dream car 🤗

    11. vst

      I dont have 95£ to buy. Someone can barrow me?

    12. Xavier. C

      For this price, I do prefer a 300kg less GT3..! with an atmo six cylinders, reaching 9000 rpm..! And with a better look.., but that was just my point of vue..!! Thank you.

    13. Antonio Latorre

      Germany 1, Japan 0. This car was built to kill the Porsche 911. Now the distance gets larger to its benchmark.

    14. Shirosake

      The MPG display should just read "Worse ----------- Worser" I want to see someone actually hypermile this thing.

    15. Shirosake

      Remember when these started at $70k? Lol. $200k for a GTR? That's just laughable. Oh, and Ghosn is a crook. Poor nissan.

    16. Jawad Arif

      You can get the Litchfield GT-R Stage 5 Upgrade which give you 700bhp for 14k still a hell a lot cheaper or go for stage 2 for 3k which give you 615bhp

    17. Horatio W

      I have no problems with the price of a car that has everything done to it already, but I have the from lip spoiler; it make the car look extra boxy, and the 2017 and up GTRs are much improved in looks. They are great cars, and capable of massive performance upgrades. The creator of the GTR credits its great handling on its weight, so they are unapologetic about that.

    18. Girish Sreedharan

      Never ever underestimate a Nismo!!

    19. Charlie Brown

      still great

    20. Red Pen

      3 hours 700 minutes in to the video still not driving keep talking . Thats it im out

    21. Fair dinkum

      Drinking game every time he rubs a surface with his finger.

    22. deadman4uin

      Have you switched the transmission and suspension to R mode and disengadged the stablisation ??

    23. pedro henriques

      Keichii Tsuchiya is watching this review like " So much money spent on a car for me to destroy this thing with some shit box from the 80's with itbs and strocked out engine"

    24. David Dominguez


    25. Adrian Cozijn

      Needs better tires for a proper launch

    26. Adam Newlan

      Whats up with the 996 ?????

    27. Sander Gjevik

      after whatching the m4 0-60 this car seems waste of mny

    28. Micheal Phillips

      The SPORT MODE????

    29. Paul H

      I clicked the box!

    30. Humiady Enzi

      Nissan GTR ,, wow

    31. ali sabah salih salih

      review on acura new tlx would be great

    32. Shakti Shakti

      £180,000 for a Nissan 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 Great Joke

    33. Old Revolver

      This car in 2021 for 180k pounds is such garbage. Was good 10 years ago. Whoever buys this is such a sucker and deserves to lose their money lmao. You can get a 2014 GTR Nismo and still have exactly the same experience haha.

    34. Rapar18

      Every time I’ve seen a GTR an Asian dude with sandals/SnapBack hat and glasses owns it.

    35. WokeNFree

      The price makes this truly disappointing. I remember when this was the supercar killer. Now it's just an expensive supercar.

    36. Robert Joskic

      What pop up banner?

    37. Sebastian K

      I will never like post-2002 GTR :( ugly grill, front light, big ass

    38. Bilal Samsudeen

      Look out mat

    39. sv_cheats 1

      Thats why you don't buy new, buy a second hand one 1-3 yrs old and your golden.

    40. Skeptik

      this car is my dream car too bad I'm 12 and i cant get one

    41. Ndumiso Dlamini

      Carbon fiber!!

    42. Khaya Mautla

      Launch is at 13:50 if you're interested in that.

    43. hal5089

      I just love that car

    44. MDF 2 MDF 2

      The back end looks like it was designed by a six year old who had reversed his lego car into a brick wall.....bloody awful....

    45. godfrey simwawa

      For the first time fair review on Japanese car

    46. Navneet Vikash Saw

      ___________________________ ⭕️⭕️\_______________/⭕️⭕️ Oo_________GTR_________oO

    47. John Anderson

      Nice family car...

    48. Antonin Alarcon

      The lucky ashtray immuhistochemically wink because mini-skirt angiographically tire per a wonderful passenger. unaccountable, watery quince


      kids will love this because it looks like a tacky ricer straight from the factory!

    50. SlapbackGOD

      Its beautiful, but wouldn't buy it for a daily. Collection car I think 😁

    51. manufacturing defect

      The interior is extremely dated

    52. Pouya Karbacyan

      track test: porsche 911 Ts VS Godzilla 2021 Nismo

    53. SuperFurry68A

      DId anyone else notice that when Mat floored it at 9:50, the MPG display under the rev counter started reading zero?

    54. Jason Bourke

      I'm the biggest R34 fan boy out there, but fuck me this thing is gorgeous ❤️

    55. Bido Halcyon

      No point fitting rear seats in these kind of sports cars

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    57. Kafka's Trial

      I think it looks right tacky .

    58. Manfred Polster

      I was really hoping that Nissan would finally produce a good looking performance machine for 2021. Sadly it's still ugly as hell.

    59. Rated

      gtr shouldve been a coupe..

    60. Rated

      just here to check out/manifest my future car. although id be good with no later then a 2016. i see the gtr everywhere man, i swear, its only a matter of time.

    61. Augustus

      180K down the drain. Buy a Lamborghini huracan, a rolex, two bottles of macallan 21 and ten boxes of good cuban cigars instead.

    62. Aden Idris

      ⭕️⭕️\_____/⭕️⭕️ \Oo____GTR____oO/

    63. PushyPawn

      Great review! Shame the car is a disappointment.

    64. Xrisostomos Zervakis

      love nissan

    65. Skooma Dealer

      I wish I had a carbon fiber... toilet seat. I wonder if it would make me poop faster.

    66. hAk

      Ghosn ahead and buy it...

    67. Erik Dippenaar

      what did he sayyyy ----------> 9:22

    68. Christoffer Bonderup

      Everyone: 180.000 €!!! People from Denmark: "Waow i wish our cars was that cheap, in denmark i would have cost 300.000€. Because we like to put tax on everything"

    69. mat steadyy

      USA scare too Japan about car vehicle

    70. mat steadyy

      Mclaren P1 and Porsche 911 Turbo S is more expensive than Nissan GTR

    71. Nemesis12345

      Sure, it´s the quickest GT-R or even the quickest Japanese car, but come on, a 911 Turbo S kills it. It might be more common and boring looking, but it´s a supercar killer.

    72. Grant Russell

      Kahbin fibah, kahbin fibah, kahbin fibah, kahbin fibah, kahbin fibah, kahbin fibah, kahbin fibah, kahbin fibah.....

    73. D Trux

      It needs a redesign

    74. Dj Porsche

      Kick him in the ballz when he says carbon fiber

    75. Dj Porsche

      How could nurburgring be boring???

    76. Fendoiax

      Can someone buy me that car which is my dream since 10 years old.

    77. Narcis Marton

      Obsolete old junk


      to much commercials boeeeee

    79. Rick Tuck


    80. ruicravomarques

      the difference of price for less 41kgs ? Well... get a thinner girlfriend and problem solved. You save money on the car and also on meals. But it sure looks beautiful.

    81. 武蔵宮本

      *Made in Japan* Engineering and efficiency is unmatched.

    82. A Knight who says ni

      I had one but didn't like it, prefer the vauxhall omega tbh

    83. Aitchsh

      Zer0 to 100km/h in less time than it takes you to read this silly comment...

    84. Monier

      Considering the price, you shoukd have cocobolo wood and zebra leather in your seats goddamnit

    85. nino brown

      turbo s cheaper but faster in every way

    86. Miguel Beretta

      This car is like that kid that peaked in High School

    87. الحقيقة

      If you’re watching this video I hope you get this car and achieve all of your dreams

    88. Tatenda Njagu


    89. Раминыч

      say Nurburgring sitting in the car bro☝️

    90. heymisterderp

      He keeps talking about his bottom but this car does like to dominate.

    91. R C

      His shows are so much fun!

    92. Alvin Bong Hui Min

      180K? Bruhh I take Porsche 911 Turbo S anyday

    93. Love Girl


    94. Umar

      Hi Number plates F1 6OY and and F1 6OYS for sale. Let me know if interested.

    95. Fy Thegreat

      Dream car

      1. Fy Thegreat

        In my dreams

    96. Jean Balsec

      God damn you porche, you made any other car looks rediculous with your turbo s !

    97. Chris Njugi

      9:15 How I moan by my woman's ear

    98. OriginalFake

      nissan has been milking this thing for too long now. Please release something new nissan.

    99. Bharat

      This nissan gtr nismo vs yiannies lambo🔥🔥🔥

    100. Ehsan Radmard

      Experience from others said: With this cost, you can buy a normal GTR and upgrade it to 700 or 800 HP. some GTR fans will buy it because of the hand made engine and the NISMO family. (Which is hard and costy to upgrade your normal GTR to NISMO) However, my personal opinion says I will buy it and tune it. even if it costs double of bugatties Why? because I know what is it..... *Also better than a MK5 supra, I mean BMW....* which is the only major part made by Toyota is body! even the door handle is BMW. So yeah....