BMW 128ti 2021 review - the best FWD hot hatch you can buy?


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    This is the all-new BMW 128ti!
    Now hear us out, BMW fanboys… We know you won’t be happy about the 128ti being front-wheel-drive! But Mat’s got his hands on one to find out if that's really such a bad thing.
    For starters, the performance stats are more than good enough. With a 2-litre turbo under the bonnet, the 128ti can put down 265hp and 400Nm of torque! What’s more, it’s claimed it can power you to 60mph in just 6.1 seconds!
    Sure those stats aren’t ground-breaking, but with a price tag of just under £34,000, the 128ti is clearly a direct rival for hot hatches such as the Golf GTI and Octavia vRS!
    But does it have what it takes to top them? And more importantly, will Mat be able to hit (or even beat!) the claimed 0-60mph time in the wet?! You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
    00:00 Intro
    00:37 Price
    01:07 Exterior Design
    03:03 Interior
    04:29 Back Seats
    04:58 Boot
    05:25 Five Annoying Features
    07:22 Five Cool Features
    08:39 Engine
    09:00 0-60mph
    10:47 Brake Test
    11:34 Driving
    14:12 Verdict
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    1. Mezan Miah

      You can adjust the seat body hugging with a button on the right hand side of the drivers seat

    2. mohammed usman

      Why is it covered with a red bandaid?

    3. Keyboard Warrior

      Looks like shit.

    4. Mike5

      Trying very hard to look like a Hyundai N30 (Which as a lot faster!)

    5. Matthew Savidge

      So does this have stiffer suspension still from the M sport model ? I’m looking to test drive the 118i m sport but constant reviews and seems to be the only negative to have firm the ride is ? My back is concerned 😬

    6. Jake Helfrich

      Did anyone else see the T on the ti badge already peeling?

    7. cbtnt2

      Just notice it has active grill? Even M135i doesn’t have it. special treatment for 128ti?? Hmm..

    8. Sabroe

      BMW are really on another level lately when it comes to making the most boring cars in the world! They have stiff compertition from Mercedes but damn they're doing a good job!

    9. eLephaNt1k

      looks ugly like and golf 8

    10. FreedomWarrior

      Indeed - sacrilege and you should change the title for BMW sacrilege. I doubt anyone will buy that car.

    11. Rizaan Jappie

      Golf looks weak

    12. Nitin Saini

      I love watching even though most cars aren't available in india😂😂😎

    13. Cemil Sapan

      Why is Matt surprised when he says it’s better quality than a Volkswagen... this is a BMW?!

    14. Ray Siroff

      5:30 Mat's annoying things about cars can really be eye openers. Really useful information.

    15. Vertexon

      3:48 Long thighs 👀

    16. James Cozza

      Nicest Veloster N on the market!

    17. KK2891

      Coming to the states?

    18. mechanic bro

      KIA CEED

    19. swansmeister

      so people make lcd screens trying to look like analog dials and we also have analog dials tryna look like an lcd display, make up your mind people.

    20. T 1000

      I can fit for fingers in there 😳🤤

    21. Alan Johnston

      Great video Matt! 💪🏻🔥😎

    22. Luis Fernando

      Love this 128ti!

    23. XAMeLeoN

      > BMW 128ti 2021 review - the best FWD hot hatch you can buy? Uh. what about the MINI JCW :D Essentially same 0-60 numbers but a better hot hatch

    24. Javier Naranjo

      You should try 330i vs 128ti, similar specs

    25. Simon Dehn

      Incorrect: you could get red brake calipers on the current 3 series before the 128ti came out.

    26. comba06

      Really important purchase choice; you can apparently option a delete of the red parts and the Ti logo on any colour that has them

    27. 呱太醫師

      The red everything looks cheap

    28. Matt J

      Too bad the new 1 series looks like a brick

    29. Douglas Thorburn

      Can you not set your timing gear to 62 mph, BMW claim 6.1 to 100 km/h, I think this is why some of your times exceed specs.

    30. Tesfa Bella

      can you tell as about paddel shifter i need to now

    31. عصام جاسر

      Ugly Face 😂😂 what happened with BMW designer not making any nice looking cars .. it's like Nike shoes 👟 hehe you right..

    32. الحقيقة

      If you’re watching this video I hope you get this car and achieve all of your dreams

    33. bign3ck

      Sounds like me in the bedroom 1:40

    34. ev andersen

      Probrably handles beyond most schumacher wannabes limits. But bmw not my bag.

    35. Balazs Pinter

      Definitely the ugliest ...

    36. The Shark Shed

      I'm guessing they don't put the Michelin tyres on as standard, because if they did the fuel economy figures would be worse 👍


      CARWOW: your(only) one stop car comparison sight where cars compare to shoes😂 2:53

    38. Slobodan Skobalj


    39. QueenAlacorn Roblox

      Hi Car Wow

    40. J. Savage

      I hate this car

    41. kieron moodley

      Drag race vs gti?

    42. Steve Fu

      front wheel drive......................

    43. Purwanti Allan

      The car is good. Much EXOTIC than before. Amazing.

    44. Alex Henderson

      Doesn't matter how good it is, I drive BMW 's because they're RWD. Meh.

    45. virgil rytaar

      Luv that ti sticker........but then u pointed out that its coming off, they should have used whatever Ford was using in the 80's, getting the stickers off my Capri was an ordeal

    46. Ejdy DMJ

      Them Ti sticker comes from the Wish I suppose 😅.. New car and peeling off allready? 🤔..

    47. arun grover

      @carwow can you do the same review for Mazda 3 turbo?

    48. Onesmus kariuki

      i didnt misss th "//M" stripes on all seats...

    49. bampie1

      Anyone that can recommend a BMW is relying on their advertising. Unfortunately the brand is a total disaster when it comes to reliability.

    50. Steve Carter

      Ok! Firstly the grill says don't buy me! Secondly it's only auto says? I'm not interested in driving! Thirdly I'm not going to buy! Even though its not bad looking from any view other than the front! It seems to go well and lastly I really like BMWs! Please get this right.

    51. Seigma

      I like the fact that most important part of this video is summarized in the first 5 seconds

    52. Focused Man

      Looks tacky.

    53. Francis Maina

      Oh, you're fisting now Matthew? Haha!

    54. Lucker

      Who else wants to see the 128ti against the i30n and the gti in a race?!

    55. masa felipe

      ti, M, ti, M, ti, ti, M, fake vents, they really went over the top. So its not M, while it is at the same time. Kind of.

    56. Nikos Liolios

      do an rx8 matt

    57. Callum Munro

      Ugly golf GTI copy.

    58. Kirby

      The ti badges are horrible. I would peel them off as soon as possible if I owned one.

    59. Scott Gordon

      Odds of this appearing in the USA? 10% or less?

    60. Lotsoloatile Motshabi

      Drag race Golf GTI vs. BMW 128ti

    61. RenegadeTimelord

      Jesus that is one ugly car.

    62. Gary Steven

      When designers run out of good ideas

    63. Gary Steven

      That grill hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ha ha ha . hahahahahahahah

    64. kieranhendy

      Anyone else notice the TI badge on the side already peeling off? Not a great sign on a brand new car now is it....

    65. kieranhendy

      'tis definately sacrilege!

    66. Crystal Beck

      The statuesque south africa identically complain because veterinarian timely rush under a thoughtless thunder. tedious, many battle

    67. Gerrit Roelofse

      More plastic trash from BMW.

    68. TJG239

      you'd have to be mad to buy one of these over an F20/F21 125d/135i/140i.

    69. Raktim Saikia

      This looks mush better than new m4 and M4 😂

    70. Manty And Mati

      Do it BMW X4 M40i review

    71. Daniel Baker

      That's a bit over the top on red accents. I like it, but it could be dialed back a skosh.

    72. Per Ullgren

      I think a mainstream 330i will beat everythig!

    73. Per Ullgren

      alLways compare to a 330I?

    74. Majd Abokassab

      BMW really ruined one of their best care

    75. Gee Williams

      just looks like a Kia

    76. Arez YT

      I’ve literally was watching tons of vids on this car 😍

    77. Hello Play


    78. Stephen Fox

      This is why the 208 gti puegeot sport is such a great buy

    79. Simon Rupsi

      Looks like KIA

    80. eeyvrcs

      I honestly thought this was the Hyundai i30 N for a second

    81. sinethemba zena

      This is rubbish compared to a GTI. Are they sure the is a twin turbo in this unattractive thing

    82. Supercharged V8

      This car is unfathomably ugly! What were they thinking?

    83. Rozy Begum

      Toytao yaris 2004

    84. Martin Patterson

      Decal was coming off, absolutely naff.

    85. MARKINAU8

      Looks like a Kia!

    86. Joliviak

      5 annoying things about this video: click up there... come on Mat we've seen them all, you bring it up too many times :(

    87. Tube Dis

      It’s just trash 🗑

    88. bounty 543

      Wow it really is a downgrade for bmw

    89. Derek Dalton

      @2:03 the cheap n nasty sticker is peeling OFF....ALREADY!!!!😐

    90. AyeRight

      Too much red. Less is more ffs

    91. Tymless Njugush

      Great car,,,great review...but dash seems a bit high...not made for small people like me

    92. rob allen

      Is touchscreen optional or are you stuck with the bloody thing?

    93. Tuka

      Mat, how rich are you? You have so many cars

    94. soiung toiue

      Nice Mini 👍

      1. soiung toiue

        Only me kinda feeling bmw looks like i30n?

    95. fredofoto

      Come on BMW!!! At least make the @2:00 "ti" decal stick to the car.

    96. Jeremy Stig

      The Golf GTI doesn't have any german competition in my eyes, since all the competitiors do a really poor job of marketing their cars haha. Everybody knows what a GTI is, what the heck is a 128ti or an A250? Never heard of that, doesn't excite me or anybody. Mini Cooper does a good job with it's Cooper Works and yeah you might consider them German at this point, after all BMW bought the rights to the John Cooper Works name in 2007.

    97. TheCinemaphobic

      Good God, it is ugly!

    98. Mileskelly4000

      What the best car for a 17 year old ?

    99. Paul

      The rear is horrible. Side view is ok.

    100. Owen Hughes

      It’s literally a mini with a badly styled bmw body on top, same engine and everything...