300hp GR Yaris v Supra 3.0-litre - DRAG RACE


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    Who’s up for a Toyota showdown?! We’ve got the Toyota Supra going up against the Toyota GR Yaris!
    Now on the face of it, you may think this drag race is a little unfair. After all, Mat’s sat in the Toyota Supra, which has a 3-litre straight-six to deliver 340hp & 500Nm of torque.
    However, the GR Yaris lining up alongside him is no ordinary GR Yaris! It’s been tuned by Litchfield, and despite the tune only costing £640, it can now deliver 300hp and 385Nm from its 1.6-litre 3 cylinder turbo!
    However, the tune isn’t the only thing that’s giving the GR Yaris an advantage! First up, it’s AWD compared to the Supra being RWD! What’s more, given the Mk5 Supra is powered by a BMW engine, we know its launch mode can be fairly temperamental at the best of times!
    So what do you think - will the drag race be an easy win for the lighter, cheaper GR Yaris? Or will the Supra have what it takes to bring it back? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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    1. Justin X

      lol the little Yaris is faster than bullit mustang

    2. Putu Eksat Swardinata Kusuma_41 / IX 8

      small yaris did good

    3. Tobias Rieper

      The Supra has 3 cyl more and 200 Nm more than this Yaris. So its no wonder the Supra is faster.

    4. rc play time

      That's not a supra 🤔

    5. Stefan Jovanovski

      300hp for small 3cylinder thats criminal, i can feel the hurt of the litle engine

    6. Nafees Imtiaz Sayeed

      I would take the yaris with my eyes closed

    7. Remy Ché

      Rather yaris, real life situations when you're not racing on a airstrip and you meet a supra at the street lights and the next set of lights are 400m away. It's half the price with more of the fun. But if you have the money and insurcure pick the supra

    8. Remy Ché

      And don't forget the yaris with the track pack(rallye) gets front brake ducts and red callipers 😂 i pre ordered one last year and apparently it's won't be built till October. Then I has to get shipped to Australia

    9. mr_trd 21 district

      its good on taking off because its an awd !! duuh!!!

    10. Touran81

      At 3:45 you can see how many time you loose when you have a Hand shifting Car.

    11. petrolhead

      4:17 pretty red brake disk

    12. Christine Ayres

      Original Supra from the 90s is a lot more special , this new one is just a BMW in drag

    13. S P

      In the outside of the Yaris it sounds like a jet not because of the speakers because the stock exhaust is not right

    14. Bailey Huett

      All I see between that Yaris and the supra is a dsg box

    15. jun cruz

      please make type r vs 3L supra😇

    16. Максим Зуб

      Эта супра уже далеко не легенда, обидно что былых легенд уже нет

    17. Ritz

      I just say the toyota engine in Yaris is more better than bimmers under the hood so call supra 😁

      1. RageGamer YT

        Yes because Yaris engine can smack 600+ HP on stock turbo and internals...

    18. aris aris

      He didn't make good change in gears

    19. the torch

      that yaris tooks so well though..

    20. Ann Carr


    21. rhiino

      The supra just pisses me off man 😂

    22. Jacob Jarjosa

      The Supra is just bad

    23. Subin Sunny

      What a launch! Yaris

    24. george vassilo

      A roonway?

    25. Titanium Mechanism

      If someone would give me one of them for free and I couldn't sell it, I'd rather have the Yaris.

    26. Baz00ka

      Yaris is a gread little car but its rear makes him an ugly piece of sh** unfortunately

    27. Nikos Liolios

      do an rx8 matt

    28. Парванов Михаил

      BMW 🤮

    29. Mohamed Mustafa Kaderdina

      Not a fair race the Yaris is a manual

      1. Zuurker U

        Imagine a full race spec dct Yaris GR. That would be glorious.

    30. Phroden Dekia

      3 vs 6 cilynders? Now we need a twin engine yaris vs an awd supra to be fair.

    31. Azat Yestek

      Most affordable sports AWD cars take off so quickly then nosedive lol

    32. 2741718

      Toyota must really pay you a LOT! Still nice videos

    33. Jimmy Farley

      Yes more cylinders improve power delivery and power smoothness. However peak power isn't relative to the number of given cylinders and overall performance.

    34. Alex Yoro

      The bad look of the toyotaaaa ... Beurgggggg !!!

    35. Miroslav Raven

      imitating scotty ? hahahahaha

    36. Stöpfel W

      Robert Mitchell from Apex Nürburg actually managed to money shift the Apex Yaris probably because the gears are so close together 😅🙈

    37. Marks World

      No replacement for displacement! 😎👍

    38. insane gamer YT

      4:15 see the yaris front brake

    39. Ali Mirza

      Owhh, BMW engines huh..

    40. Vincente lemus jr

      Why isnt there any infiniti in your videos?

    41. Gian-Luca Nardini

      3:25 🤣👏🏻

    42. Adam Smith

      Matt too scared to drive the manual. Again....

    43. Fazal Rehman

      What happened to countdown lady ☹️

    44. Pelombe Malam

      Top speed need another cylinder(gr) 😂😂

    45. Nicho Wins

      Imagine a yaris beat a supra

    46. Splice fd

      Imagine a 2 liter version of that Yaris: It'd start moping the floor with the supra on the straight. Amazing stuff from Toyota, real shame they didn't fully commit to the supra. Keeping fingers crossed for a future 100% Toyota made supra, as they're exercising their performance on models like the Yaris.

    47. Muhtasim Basher Rafid

      I think bringing the 2.0 litre supra would be more fair.

    48. Ross Miller

      sorry to say but that gr yaris is so much cooler than the supra. The supra is just for people too old to be driving supras anymore

      1. Ross Miller

        plus the fact the yaris wasnt built for drag races but is competing is class. would be so much faster round a track

    49. Jason Coe

      To be honest, real world off the lights you be smashed by a Yaris🤣🤣🤣...

    50. GT R

      I would take the Toyota GR Yaris over the BMW Supra.

    51. Flam Jong Un

      4:15 check how the Yaris' breaks glow!

      1. Kuckfred LP

        *brake discs. They don't glow it's just the reflection of the Supras paint

    52. Heitor Araujo

      Yaris sport exhaust is not necessary kkkkkk

    53. Charlie White

      Toyota have completely taken the car world by storm with these cars. Exactly what was needed.

    54. Lord Butler

      Little 3pot done well

    55. Michael Michaels

      The Yaris lose a TON of momentum between gears!!! Is almost scandalous!!!

    56. Giannis Bozatzidis

      Did you see the glowing front brakes of the Yaris after the race at 4:18 ??? What happend there?

    57. Valhalla Awaits

      Toyota doing nearly as good as BMW with half the engine

    58. Zeejah Fasihi

      Moment of silence for the supra for the launch

    59. Mert Karaçay

      Very bad shifting for Yaris 👎 he is sleeping

    60. Mike Sookun

      The supra is much faster than the other car

    61. Rajesh Singh


    62. Magui Fuentes

      Mat race toyota supra vs focus rs

    63. Jagg Tenk

      This sucks bring out the goat

    64. abbsnn cose

      I can't believe the drag race was so close. That Yaris is amazing

    65. Lifted_Above

      Isn't the new Golf R faster in the 1/4 than both of these?

    66. Gio

      Toybmw power 👊👊👊

      1. abbsnn cose

        Get on with it!

    67. Owen Schneider

      Do the 4cyl vs the non tuned Yaris



    69. Jesus love you

      That is sick dow 3 cylinder keeping up with a 6 cylinder lol

    70. Jesus love you

      That guy in the yaris am pretty sure he is messing up 4 or 5 gear can see the yaris drop back louds don't know if he took too long to release the clutch but loss alot of time in my opinion 🤔

    71. Khalid Jaffer

      You talk to much...

    72. Luis Sousa

      the manual gear boss made de diference

    73. hans batter

      The Yaris driver can not shift i suppose

    74. Matt Crooke

      Just out of interest, why do you always give power ratings in imperial, and torque in metric? Can’t we have good old lbft instead?

    75. wnnalis cioov

      Jesus christ can't believe how close it was ...that is some impressive power from that 1.6 🙉😂

      1. wnnalis cioov

        3=6cilindri... O my God turbo

    76. Eftihis Koumis

      A really interesting drag race would be the GR Yaris and the 2.0lt Supra...think about it

    77. xphobus

      You should race a 2 litre supra with a stock Yaris that would be more fair..

    78. TurboCat

      Dear Toyota: Why can't we have the GR Yaris in North America?

    79. TJ P

      Nice z4

    80. FOOTBALL YOUTUBE Official

      He cant rev in yaris

    81. Just Me

      Get on with it!

    82. Fors

      So close 👍

    83. Madara Uchiha

      Can you do supra 2020 vs toyota supra 1994?

    84. Nathaniel Escala

      The fact that toyota puts fake sound for the new yaris annoys me a lot

    85. Magnus Gold

      A new host would be awesome 👍

    86. Lamborghini Urus 2021-22


    87. Andrei Raducan

      00:00 wa woo wee

    88. Okan Serdar

      Yaris vs z4 bmw.

    89. safia fareedi

      Yaris got its brakes glowing

    90. MR. S3OOD

      Kia stinger vs the supra ?😬

    91. Horst Schlemmer

      The bmw supra is a Joke!

    92. Davide Camuffo

      3=6cilindri... O my God turbo

    93. Steve’s Howtoinfive


    94. Muneeb Rehman

      3 cyl 1.6L vs 6cyl 3.0L ...... Toyota has really well Engineered the Yaris than bmw did on the supra

    95. BrokeCarFan

      That yaris tho, that...yaris

    96. albert chapman

      I wish he'd do the specs in American English. Converting pounds to dollars is difficult.

    97. Pablo Nuñez

      Amazing... I want a yaris for sure😍

    98. Faishal Zakiy

      that yaris' turbo lag tho'...

    99. Jonathan martinez

      No bad for Yaris .

    100. Amar Randev

      The fact that a yaris is racing against supra now so gtr is not even in the same league no more, wish toyota can make a godzilla rival