Tesla Model 3 DRAG RACE *Performance v Long Range v Standard Plus*


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    Thanks to Richard for lending us these Teslas - bgclip.info/vision/hjqM-6MiqlF3qUq4GMVhkg
    Tesla fanboys, are you ready?! We’ve pulled together the three Model 3 variants available today to see just how they perform against each other!
    Now of course, when you look at the stats, you’re going to assume the Performance will walk everything. Given it’s packing dual electric motors, it can put down 457hp and 660Nm! Coming up in second we have the Model 3 Long Range, which also comes with dual electric motors to produce 367hp and 510Nm.
    And then finally we have the Standard Range Plus, which only has a single electric motor, along with the ability to put down 296hp and 450Nm.
    So the drag may be a foregone conclusion, but how about the other challenges? After all, there’s only £16,000 between the Standard and the Performance, so will the Long Range or Standard Plus be able to reel in the Performance?
    There’s only one way to find out - LET’S RACE!
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    1. carwow

      Mat has just ordered a new Tesla... But can you guess what it is. To see if you got it right check his personal channel here: bgclip.info

      1. Joel Schaul

        @Marley Zakai damn! It took roughly 15 minutes but it actually worked!

      2. Marley Zakai

        dunno if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account using InstaPwn. Just google for it ;)

      3. Umar

        Hi Number plates F1 6OY and and F1 6OYS for sale. Let me know if interested.

      4. Umar

        Hi Number plates F1 6OY and and F1 6OYS for sale. Let me know if interested.

      5. Sam J

        Hi Matt Can I ask why reviewers don’t mention the weight of EV’s. The handling, and stopping power is compromised. I just sold my new 330e as it is much heavier than the GolfR and spoils the fun. Please give us more honesty?

    2. Alex Paumen

      My uncle has a Long Range just like the one in this video and I absolutely adore it. The car that made me see the light in EVs. Very surprising outcome.

    3. Tesla Official

      Nice video!

    4. The Bear Truth

      Put them around a track... I love your videos, but forward, stop, forward, stop forward... you get it. If you want to see the performance difference (which we do) put them on a track or around some sends at least. Brake temp high on the plus was an example of the difference... Please track them!!!

    5. Panda Panda

      2:45 was this blurry for everyone?

    6. Bolita 64

      If they are not at the same battery level the performance changes. Where they at the same battery level?

    7. Sean Michael O

      Emotionless shit

    8. Marcin Taylor


    9. KingProne

      repeat with the long range AWD acceleration boost please

    10. ROMEO

      Did all of these cars have the latest software updates?

    11. richard ingram

      Lets see the LR with the speed boost please.

    12. Man In Disguise

      Can you please have the speedo to KMPH as well? Its hard to anticipate how fast cars are going because the speed is in MPH.

    13. Shutterhead

      I think the lighter wheel advantage went to the long range

    14. kens97sto171

      On the breaking performance I think or you would see the difference between the performance model and the long range would be on the track situation where you're continually building up heat. Also there's a track mode I believe in the settings that allow you to hang the ass out a little bit more. Also think there's some difference in the cooling system programming that it will go to maximum cooling when it's set in track mode to help keep the battery better managed

    15. Head Stash

      Dual motor and performance are the same thing they’re just electronically limited lol

    16. Mike gosvig

      Test with boost on the LR please!!

    17. Matty M

      that really tells a story, would be interesting to see how the standard range + performance pack does against the dual motor variants.

    18. jason

      @carwow we need to see the 3 performance against the 3LR with acceleration boost

    19. Scott Redeen

      Wow, that was the most boring race I've ever heard.

    20. Psychedelic Autopilot

      Those aero wheels help long range a lot, used to be a option to get performance with them. Helps a lot not having massive 20 inch rims

    21. Psychedelic Autopilot

      That long range should have a red line under the dual motor that’s a performance symbol. Standard range has no badge Long range has dual motor Performance had red line under fuel motor

    22. Wil Carlo Jover


    23. Philip Linder

      Accelerarion boost long range vs performance video, yes please!

    24. Látlak

      Maybe the Performance reaches faster its temperature limits? There was a German test comparing a Performance with a Taycan and the Taycan was able to repeat full power over and over again while the Tesla dropped after each try.

    25. Diamond Kinloch

      Black one took off the fastest

    26. MotorMaxx

      i think you should of used the 2021 long range because the 0-60 has slightly been adjusted since the 2020 one

    27. Bad John

      Imagine what the race would be like on a dry track. I suspect the SR+ , with only rwd, would perform much better than it did on a damp track.

    28. Piotr Bieniek

      We need this video redone with the long range having the acceleration boost option. Please mate. That will be the most interesting telsa race that ALOT of people are waiting for.

    29. Piotr Bieniek

      The standard range weights less because of the smaller battery...AND ONE MOTOR LESS Matt. Come on mate, were all relying on you and your wisdom here. Haha. Great video

    30. khrom

      Looks like I'm buying the Boost 50 module for my SR+

    31. William S.

      Wonder what performance boost would have added to the long range

    32. piratexxxking

      Not surprised with the results. Tesla is a new company and performance=fast of the line for now. Can't wait to see a model s plaid plus

    33. vidsbfree4me

      The software is the biggest difference. The single motor car probably could be programmed to output more amps and be very close to the performance model in acceleration but longevity would likely be an issue down the road. You never get what you don't pay for.

    34. ThSh

      Boring race

    35. Youssef Aly Elsawy

      7:22 look at how the standard range+ driver was triggered XD

    36. aznoy

      Finally! Tesla is its own competition!

    37. Mohammed kaif khan

      7:22 standard plus guy banging his head trying really hard 😂

    38. KDM GT cars

      slap a corsa exhaust system on those puppys. it would sound so good.

    39. Reza Alemi

      Please do a dragrace with Audi TTRS and Mercedes Benz AMG A45s

    40. Spider68

      shit race is on! :-D

    41. TJ FromReno

      My 2021 M3P has 515hp

    42. puccino13

      Long range FTW

    43. Aditya

      Panasonic batteries?

    44. Nad Khan

      Need some sort of electro magnetic pulse generator Zap these a’holes off the road!

    45. Angelo Escobar

      Imagine paying over 10,000 dollars just for a 0.5 faster quartermile. But that’s it because its not even faster than the long range on the roll race.

    46. Xusia Xod

      Electric cars, expensive and boring..

    47. Nataša Balaban

      Lol look at the driver at 7:22 😅😅😅

    48. Jay Cee

      Something a bit suspect with that long range one, got the red line under the badge which suggests it’s an early performance car but the reg is a long range.... hmmm

    49. David C

      Please do the unlock! No returns on software unlocks in the US. Guessing UK might be able to use 14 day cooling off.

    50. Sam J

      Hi Matt Can I ask why reviewers don’t mention the weight of EV’s. The handling, and stopping power is compromised. I just sold my new 330e as it is much heavier than the GolfR and spoils the fun. Please give us more honesty?

      1. Sam J

        Batteries don’t last long when you put your foot down 🧐

    51. lol

      7:12 😄

    52. Doraan Cilliers

      All shit cars

    53. Alex ❽

      7:22 😂😂😂 “come! On! Lets! Go!”

    54. Elmer Brinkmann

      Wtf were the shots of the ‘dashboard’ about!?!? At least make it look like you try to deliver quality

    55. Rashad

      Another pointless drag race with incompetent drivers

    56. TheBlewdog

      Can you do the model Y please. I just ordered three of them

    57. Umzah Hussain

      Wait did we not notice mat owns a jet in the video🤔

    58. isays

      i wonder if the 3 performance is throttled unless you put it into track mode or something.

    59. Dan Smith

      SR+ is trash

    60. oussama dz dz

      The électrique cars is heavy than disel and benzine cars very very heavy 😂

    61. Chad Mueller

      Wow, that was boring.

    62. bjybhs8

      This race could've taken place in a library

    63. Blue Eyes Willy

      The most boring set of cars I've ever seen

    64. Mbeu Kambuwa

      Only if Yianni gets wrapped

    65. My bros

      The long range has 460hp.

    66. WokeNFree

      Maybe the performance battery was not warmed up enough, but something seems up with it losing to the long range.

    67. Ryan Johnson

      love the engine sounds hahahah

    68. Blake Wonton

      More Tesla content!!! (With yannie loosing in his fossil fuel car)

      1. Chad Mueller

        Nah, Teslas are gay.

    69. Shit Head

      is it just me or does the black car jump the start?

    70. Theo Georgio Hairdressing

      You have used the performance stealth version NOT LONG RANGE. Be good if you can do this again with the correct cars 👍🏼

    71. Aqwe W

      Watching this as you make it so fun to watch, thanks!

    72. Albert AJ

      so quiet

    73. Lightning lashX

      the star war song before lunching tho

    74. jared j

      when matte’s gf breaks up w him “so what exactly happened”

    75. Çommenter Person

      @Mat, instead of standard settings, next time, can you set them in their sportiest setting, and then re-run the tests?

    76. Çommenter Person

      Next time, Mat should drive the performance version.

    77. Çommenter Person

      Elon must see this.

    78. Çommenter Person

      @Mat, I think you might have forgotten to do the stick test...

    79. Kronboxx

      Once the new update applies, the performance will also have ludicrous mode. At that point, this test will be moot.

    80. Probro 2

      Next video:Tesla model x long range vs p100d

    81. Mathew Nicholls

      Their quick I'll say that, but apart from the interior their so boring to look at 😩

      1. Chad Mueller

        The interior is boring as well. They are also boring af if you watch them racing each other

      2. WokeNFree

        Good thing looks are deceiving.

    82. Dascalu Radu-Ionel

      I like that the start is given by a man in the background with a woman's voice

    83. 365alby

      try a boeing787 vs airbus a350 vs boeing 777 vs airbus a330neo

    84. Jacob Blunt

      Yes definitely want to see the upgraded long range vs the performance

    85. 令狐冲

      LOLthat engine sounds so special hhhh

    86. Kodi Kenobi

      had no idea how slow my sr+ was compared to these guys 😭😂 I might have to upgrade now

    87. Filip Latinovic

      Look at the drivers head at 7:22 😂

    88. Jaroslav Záruba


    89. Dustin Jordan

      Yes, do the LR with Acceleration Boost to compare again versus the Performance. :)

    90. Edmund52

      Could you do the GR Yaris Vs the Tesla's? Makes no sense but I'm interested. Helps justify the price of the Yaris too for all the haters lol

    91. AN NGUYEN

      The loutish thumb surely tap because peanut philosophically soak atop a weary pimple. tricky, left ticket

    92. Dark Peonix

      Hmmmmmm who won the sound test though 🤔😂

    93. Ivo Fixzone

      When an el car makes 500 K miles call me.

      1. Dhanalakshmi Selvaraj

        You won't get one

    94. Mike Smith

      Do you have the acceleration boost on the long range Tesla? Interested to see how it compares with the boost

    95. Adrien

      The perfomant sounds so good 😍😍😍

    96. Tough Guy

      We have Long Range. Wonder if need pay $3000 NZD to get 0.5 seconds faster?????

    97. K3mix

      8:32 yes

    98. FurqaanU21

      I hate Tesla

    99. Arturro Wi

      Race last gen Viper ACR

    100. Blade ManX

      Lol.....love downshifting loudly around Teslas