BMW M3 v Audi RS4 review & 0-60mph, 1/4-mile, brake and drift comparison!


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    Need help buying your next car? Click and my team and I will help you choose your ideal car at a fair price - from Mat Watson!
    The greatest group test video in the history of our BGclip channel? It just might be… BMW M3 Competition vs Audi RS4!
    Mat’s brought in these two everyday supercars to find out which have if you need some serious power when you’re popping down to the shops!
    He’ll cover it all in this video - from exterior design & 0-60 times, through to the back seats and the boot, he’ll find out which of these is the smartest buy in 2021.
    Under the bonnet, they’re relatively similar, with the RS4 delivering 450hp from a 2-litre V6, while the M3’s 3-litre straight-six delivers 510hp. But will that extra bit of performance be enough to snatch the win? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
    00:00​ Intro
    00:27​ Price
    01:19​ Exterior Design
    03:04​ Interior
    05:47 Boot
    06:31 Drivetrain
    07:14​ Engine
    07:37 RS4 0-60mph
    08:32​ RS4 Driving
    10:54 RS4 Drifting
    12:23 M3 Drifting
    13:40​ M3 0-60mph
    15:06​ M3 Driving
    17:47​ Verdict
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    1. T Charlton

      This is model y performance figures! Wow 😳

    2. Richard Holman

      You can see more of the BMWs ass hanging out under it's skirt.

    3. فراس لقراب


    4. John and More HB

      Would be happy with both cars. The family more in the avant, but me a bit more in the Bimmer.

    5. Sebastian Daniels

      The Audi looks horrible, fast saloons look better than fast estates

    6. Sebastian Daniels

      The BMW is way better than the Audi but the new AMG C63 might be better.

      1. Leve levi

        you mean wit hits shitty 4 cylnder engine? press x for doubt

    7. Thulani Xobongo

      Am so happy bmw won because am the biggest fan🎉❤️😍💐

    8. matt tim

      m3 wins with performance and enjoyability of the ride. Audi wins in looks, comfort and practicality.

      1. Leve levi

        audi wins in looks? lol you got to be joking. M3 just eats its face and fucks it in the back

    9. Zwelandile Juqu

      Me thinking: I'll take the Audi over bmw My bank account: no mate you're taking public transport

    10. wheel_ian

      Virtual cockpit on a sport car is such a bad thing.

    11. Ryan 777

      The BMW looks more futuristic. The Audi got 4 wheel driving and the Beemer not. If the Beemer got 4 wheel driving I would go for the Beemer.

    12. Heiko Poser

      Optischer Youngtimer gegen BMW

    13. Batemen

      can't spell Big Money Wasted without BMW

    14. Goldenboy 40

      The Audi looks good but that Beemer is just striking and I'm all about AMG!

    15. Gabriel Craciun

      Am I the only one who loves the 19 inch wheels of the audi more then the ones from the BMW or the 20 inch ones from Audi ?

    16. Reid Coe

      Wouldn’t a RS5 coupe have been a better comparison??

      1. Reid Coe

        Or a sedan to a sedan.

      2. Reid Coe

        It matters to compare a coupe to a coupe. Whether one wins or loses.

      3. Leve levi

        doesnt really matter, cause this m3 kills an rs6 also in a quarter mile, and in 100-200 kmh time as well

    17. Optimus Prime

      Why not regular m3 to compare why competition?

    18. Mike Telford

      Amount of ad breaks are putting me off watching these videos

      1. Goldenboy 40

        They really need to sort that shit out.

    19. J Joseph

      That bmw is a real butterface. 🤮

    20. J Joseph

      Great Salesman. Really enjoyed this one!

    21. Erfan 81

      0:14 oh c'mon guys you dirty minded people , he's just pointing up and saying to click at the pop out banner to check out carwow 😂😂

    22. Γεώργιος ιωακειμιδης

      My m3 cs is guicker than New m3

    23. kx60 zappa

      Bmw best

    24. kx60 zappa

      Now best

    25. Bni Bng Ltd

      optically still a personal taste ... I like the BMW a lot more than the Audi

    26. kwamashu Library

      Please Audi built n RS4 plus to compete with BMW Competition pack and AMG s.

    27. milner3

      Mother of God but bmw have killed that car.. how could you open the curtains every morning and look at that yoke outside in the driveway!!

    28. Paramdeep Dhaliwal

      Thanks mat for such a wonderful video u nailed it and u r absolutely right why we buy a car like this bcoz it stand out of the crowd and bmw m3 does that is why I call u usthaad means master in our language

    29. Peter Lachnicht

      bmw is muuuuuuuch better then the audi

    30. Steve Steve

      This guys high pitched voice when he gets excited is sooo bizarre. It’s like he’s squeezing his nuts 🥜

    31. Jeremy Martens

      imagine you spent 70 grand on a gar and it looks like a wasp cutting onions

    32. soulerflare7

      Audi is more reliable . Those wheels are 🔥

    33. Teddy Li

      to be honest I think that the paddle shifts are to big for a BMW sedan

    34. Sean Kingston

      Dam the new M is FUGLY!

    35. Esp buzz

      Bmw all the way

    36. Fede

      I love BMW! Love the new grill i like it

    37. E CAN

      Even before watching this, I’d have the RS4. I may change that after seeing this. Love fast estates, far classier.

    38. Joseph Matlou

      M3 looks like a horror movie car..That grill looks like a pig nose.. The Audi looks normal and stunning.. I'll take the Audi.

    39. Rich Slaney

      That is the perfect spec M3... Now I can’t wait to see the Estate X Drive version which sounds like literally the Perfect all round car ever

    40. ykj

      You know what car Mat owns? An Audi RS6 You know what car is the poorman RS6 The RS4 Thats why Mat prefers the RS4 over the M3

    41. storck08

      The AWD M3 will destroy the RS4 in acceleration times. 0-60 in below 3s in good condition? We might see it.

    42. Victor Green

      Have anyone notice that when he was doing the donut on the M3 one of the front tires was up on the air.

    43. Pip Pipster

      ‘Better’ ... but slower 0-60.

      1. Pip Pipster

        @Leve levi Well, at least I have an RS4. Enjoy the bus 🤣

      2. Leve levi

        yea wait for the awd m3 and it it will shit on your rs4 back and forth

    44. Poypoy Germinal

      cheetos interior

    45. ISE

      BMW M3, Hermoso y bien concebido diseño y mas rápido y mejor.

    46. Tarmac1

      Drifting yawn

    47. Popstar Musica

      I came here because it's the best thing since top gear with Jeremy 🔥🥺 I cant stand the new one🙄

    48. 24K - J

      Wow wow wow The Bimmers front should be pixilated Matt ! , there may be kids watching.

    49. John Pratt

      God it's sucha shame that the M3 has that grille because it's borderline PERFECT everywhere else. Truly stunning car inside and out that I would never even consider because of the front

    50. CODEX919

      Fake air vents and dents on an 80K premium luxury vehicle, wtf is wrong with bmw?

    51. Radosław Olszewski

      Ugly front, different back, there are 2 different cars. Engine sound from speakers? Bleee

    52. ble blee

      Matt looking badass in those m3 seats.

    53. juan masel

      its funny to see bmw steal nardo grey from audi

    54. Jamie Potter

      Was getting used to the new m4 until you flashed the old one up lol! 100x better design

    55. S17V

      3:03 look at that difference .. please Audi you‘re too little for this league

    56. SHARK 54

      M3 🚀🥰

    57. Jay Singh

      Impressive for a rear wheel drive? The RS4 is a 2019 model! The Bugs Bunny is £10000 more, slower by 0.2secs over 0-60 and 0.17 secs faster over 1/4 mile, these numbers hv so small margin that human error itself could be the reason. Do a head to head, to see if that 0.17secs is negated over a 1/4 mile. Overall: Off course the BMW is better, it's a 2021 model while the RS4 is 2019! Compare apples with apples and not BUGS BUNNY with a 2019 Audi RS4. And the RS4 is an Avant, while bugs bunny is a salon, differing aerodynamics

    58. Gs Baba


    59. Whats Up?

      I would take the BMW always

    60. Gabriele B

      Differences between competition and normal m3 ?

    61. hamza sami Fed

      I like your honesty, that's ovoise the M3 is better

    62. superfast30

      If the M the division were to build an all out super car, it would absolutely dominate!

    63. mleon665

      You feel older in this video

    64. Justice Otto

      This guy is annoying AF

    65. Lifestyle Genius

      How could anyone perfer that big blob over the m3 is beyond me.

    66. Gunnner Berisa

      Bmw all thé way

    67. Ben Cossey

      What about a giulia

    68. Holland Arianna

      The annoyed probation scientifically blush because nest lilly add along a panicky rabbit. wild, different mother

    69. Сергей Иванов

      Audi better

    70. Julian Chapman

      Honestly that BMW grill will stop me from buying it, even though the rest of the car is amazing. What were they thinking...

    71. han cai

      The plucky rainstorm simultaneously obtain because locust ordinarily wander times a dead venezuelan. aggressive, inexpensive ant

    72. Andrew Brown

      Biggest problem is they both look like the diesel equivalents..with eBay styling bits

    73. Hiro Protagonist

      One thing about Americans: The "estate" cars are really a fancy way of saying "station wagon" to us. And, unlike Europe, American station wagons in the 60's, 70's, and 80's were awful and ruined the "wagon" experience for us. It was the pre-SUV solution. Today, if we want something like a wagon, we get an SUV and we aren't thinking sports car. If we want performance, we don't get a "wagon" no matter how sexy Europeans try to make it and like it. That isn't a trend that will work until many of us are dead. But keep pushing it because the elites may have us dead in short order anyway.

    74. Hiro Protagonist

      I've historically been an Audi fan over BMW and Merc. Not this time. I think BMW absolutely nailed this, except for the non-competition has a manual option which is why I say maybe a ding against not having that available. But the grill included. I think the reaction is off by a lot of people. Being used to pathetically small kidneys does not make these ugly. I think history will look favorably upon this particular model of M3 in all areas.

    75. kemo rider

      I actually love the new look of the m3😍😍😍😍..sexier and more aggressive, especially in the me its better looking in person.

    76. Sammy Pia

      What's the point in faking the vents? Wouldn't the cars have that much less wind resistance when going at higher speeds if they had real ones?

    77. Craig Jackson

      "This car is good, but this one is better" - the content we're all here for

    78. Facebook MarkoKena


    79. Facebook MarkoKena


    80. Facebook MarkoKena

      ///M3 FOREVER

    81. PU5H

      M3 is 🔥🔥

    82. Ralph Vanmaldeghem

      In the Audi it says virgin radio

    83. DanieI Joseph

      M3 is clearly better (apart from the backwards speedo). Is it 10k better...... no!

    84. Johnie Blaze

      That pronounced BMW fake rear diffuser is like a prolapsed asshole... fml I like audis Q-ish like back but I am one of the few who like the new BMW front, so, who knows...(I find it quite the fighter jet along with the bonnet)

    85. gagi hui

      Rs4 is better

      1. Leve levi

        said no one ever

    86. josh bourke

      AUDI all the way

    87. Waifu Overlord

      I thought the m4 and the m3 were hella ugly but now after some time vas passed, they actually started to look good to me.

    88. Henrik S

      The new BMW grill is not very nice to look at. UGH!

    89. Greg Lialios

      The observant destruction pragmatically yell because help intraperitonally measure of a rigid bird. gigantic, old blade

    90. cody bunker

      The bmw looks like a pig from angry birds. The m3 is a massive failure in design. Didn't expect bmw to follow other car brands and make a huge nonsensical grill. Also what the hell is up with the back doors being so much smaller than the front. It sucks being a bmw fan boy in 2021. 🤣🤣

    91. AS JC

      Everyone else: doesn't really matter Mat: doesn't really ma'a

    92. A. R Shah

      Is it 3.4 to 60 for the bmw?

    93. smetlje sm

      Power delivery for M3 launch is really impressive. Also the breaking. But not much acceleration difference for that more HP in BMW. We need that test in xDrive though....😉

    94. eejitseverywhere

      The BMW M3 Touring Xdrive will be a winner. The looks, the power, everything. I cant wait to see it tested

    95. Ryland Brown

      Every time I see the f80 I just fall in love with it again after how ugly the new m3/m4 turned out

    96. Gary Richard

      The icky sardine concretely flood because legal outstandingly tour towards a sour edger. tidy, poised botany

    97. Arminius

      The rear bumper on that M3 looks like a turd sandwich, what was BMW thinking???

    98. Ivano __

      whatsupp audii fan booooooooooys heheheheee?

    99. julioWM alferez

      Audi is always 10 years behind in performance

    100. Erik K.

      Howse your suzuki?