BMW M4 v AMG C63 v Audi RS5 - DRAG RACE


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    How’s this for an all-new epic drag race!
    We’ve got Mat in the all-new BMW M4, and he’s lining up alongside the Mercedes-AMG C63 S & Audi RS5!
    So how do they match up? First up we've got the M4, and under the bonnet you’ll find a 3-litre straight-six which can deliver 510hp & 660Nm of torque.
    As for the AMG, well it’s not too different. It may have a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 instead, but it can also deliver 510hp, coupled with 700Nm. Finally we have the RS5, which has a 2.9-litre V6 which can put down 450hp and 600Nm of torque.
    Think the Audi is the underdog? Well it has one key benefit - Quattro AWD! As for both the BMW and AMG? Well, they've only got RWD! Will that make the difference? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
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    1. Mat Watson Cars

      Hi Mat here: which car would you drive home? BMW M4, AMG C63 S or the Audi RS5?

      1. Toyota Wagons

        M3 for track C63 for fast road veeeighty sounds & skids RS5 for drag racing off the lights

      2. Kosret Mahmud


      3. John Rogers

        AMG all day long.

      4. Adrian Corley

        Mat (Trump) Watson - Lost and he can't accept it lol

      5. Tshiamo Sithole


    2. GORDÃO 88

      I feel the traction of the Mercedes it's Very bad, in the starts don't have traction it's like a FWD don't have traction in the starts.

    3. TotallyNotBlue:}

      i respect the Audi

    4. TotallyNotBlue:}

      i love how the Audi has the least power but can still keep up

    5. Alex Paumen

      The M4’s nauseating to look at from the front but it’s a serious beast. BMW showing that it’s still the king of Straight 6s.


      Please put a Tesla Model 3 Performance and Alfa Romeo GQ as well in this video to get an idea of how fast or slow these cars are..

    7. sizwe ngcane

      As ugly as it is ,the new m4 is a beast (:

    8. KG !

      Why cant you make a screen with all the stats after Mat gone trough it all. So we can COMPARE! It's impossible to keep up with all the numbers in the head alone.

    9. Efka e

      Gotta admit petrol cars feel irrelevant. It's all about electric now.

    10. Andrew Worsley

      The said, Rated HP of these cars is not always put to the ground.

    11. Andrew Worsley

      My 06 335i E92 COUPE gets better traction even with traction control on. Smoked a late model CLS63. Catless downpipes and a 400HP ADVAN tune is all. Was running stock turbos. Put it in sport mode and drive it you pussy

    12. Akshat Sharma

      Bmw fan bois like hare😀

    13. Dragana Gaga

      Audi Bmw Mercedes

    14. Alyoussoufi Mohamed Amine

      the bmw is a rocket when launched properly

    15. SaschaWows

      6:00 wow you are the best NOT! you have 60HP more and a lot of NM... come on go to the ground

    16. Ryan zwerts

      Make a netherlands chanel

    17. Kill shot

      Mercedes exhoust is crazy as always

    18. Miguel Samuel

      Iam not a fan of BMW or AMG But iam a fan of Audi

    19. William Pimentel

      At the end of the day that bmw looks like trash lol

    20. Cloud Cata

      Sorry but even as a bmw owner there's no competition here, you'd pick the C63 because of the v8.

    21. Soontharie Chetty

      There is BMW fan girl Too ❤️😊

    22. Kevin Spiegel

      5:20 in such a ugly car...

      1. Kevin Spiegel

        @Bimo yep

      2. Bimo

        @Kevin Spiegel pey

      3. Kevin Spiegel

        sorry... yep

      4. Kevin Spiegel

        @Bimo pey

      5. Bimo

        @Kevin Spiegel yep

    23. Luke Skywalker


      1. Kevin Spiegel

        @Bimo nope

      2. Bimo

        @Kevin Spiegel nope

      3. Kevin Spiegel

        @Bimo nope

      4. Kevin Spiegel


      5. Bimo


    24. Franz R

      Start=Quattro Power❤️

      1. Kevin Spiegel

        @Bimo yep

      2. Bimo

        Quattro ❤

    25. Jake Johnson

      The front of that M4 is so ugly wtf lololol

      1. Kevin Spiegel

        @Bimo yep

      2. Bimo


    26. Cobra 3640GT

      BMWFANBOYS where are you ???❤️

      1. Bimo

        BMW B ei M ercedes W eggeschmissen

    27. Ram Hame

      I think That mat dosn‘t like Mercedes

    28. Ro Van Rooster

      I am German and it is the first time I could understand a word.

    29. Carlo Petersen

      That m4 just goes

      1. Kevin Spiegel

        you mean looks... and that is like a gay thing

    30. souradeep paul

      You are definitely a fanboy

    31. Tristan Roodt

      As an Audi fan, this was unexpected and I'm very pleased

      1. soiung toiue

        I learned a few things in this video. 1) in perfect conditions, the BMW is fast and 2) Mat likes to jump and leave early lol

    32. Mike MacPherson

      Why even bother racing on a wet track?

    33. Paramdeep Dhaliwal

      Hi mat I hope u bring more races which involve new m3 please I really appreciate mate

    34. slice of toast

      still like the C63 more ❤

    35. Jordonater1992

      Why cant they just turn the thing that cuts power off in the merc?

    36. valerio raggi

      Honestly don't understand why he's comparing a 2020 car with 2016 rivals. 90% of the time It's normal it Will be better. However comparisons are always interesting.

    37. Ali Tarif


    38. Patrick Khwela

      The BMW is still the ugliest!

    39. Bright Young Brains


    40. Alberto De Diego

      3 awesome cara, but the m4 is the best of 3

    41. M.E.A Alpha0

      Türk olan var mı acaba ??

    42. Hendrie Kelder

      This engine is immens, right there Mat

    43. Hendrie Kelder


    44. Ryan's Ryuk

      But I love M4 old version

    45. lookat wb

      Matt you did 3 dig races why you only give the time when the BMW finally won instead of when the audi won 2 times🤔🤔

    46. Ihab Khalaf

      Bmw 💯🔥

    47. MrARGraham

      Ok come on mate the Mercedes driver has no idea what he’s doing. Didnt know how to turn off traction control, did not put it in true manual. Fucks sake mate.

    48. MrARGraham

      That Mercedes better have turned off traction control completely...

    49. Alex Sfs


    50. T- Driver

      Wow those are cheap! Example used 2018 RS5 prize is 110 000€ in Finland. Taxes..

    51. The Foreigner in America

      The Audi RS5 with Black Optic package on a red or white is gorgeous. That’s my ride.

      1. soiung toiue

        Love the German accent It was not terrible at all 😅

    52. dale franks

      No yanni again mat Watson

    53. Lege Razz

      luv it

    54. Driver61

      Does anyone know what airfield this is??

    55. R Rs

      Бмв дрочер

    56. Ali Mikayilzade


    57. Nqubeko Hlongwane

      Thanks bro 😂🔥🔥

    58. ceerw buty

      Wow! They actually got sunny days in the UK too!

    59. charbel amoun

      You should take the bmw m4 with the xdrive system


      wait for the new 650 hp c63

    61. Bryce Czirr

      Damn that Audi owned em

    62. Hatori Hanzo

      Awd wins. Of course

    63. Darix e un Pleb

      This bmw is the most ugliest shit ever, its a VOMIT bleahhhhhh

    64. Mohamed _0721

      Bmw m4 clapped the mercedes totally

    65. Suhail Gora

      Matt is a bmw boy

    66. Wrap Fett679y

      This Audi is flying

    67. Sebastian Quarterman

      I'd still take the Merc, every single time

    68. Ailsa Ni

      Straight six 💕💕💕

      1. BleSSeD Rico

        When she knows her enginessss🥴

    69. χρηστοσ παυλι

      I think Carwow need drone for braking test 😉

    70. Merc King


    71. shrikanth v h shri

      Missing yaani

    72. Cierbo

      Audi did well with a weaker engine. But its so ridiculous that Audi enginieers always were creating worser engines than BMW and Meredes! Its f*** sabotage! (xD)

    73. KING cze



      I would get the c63 amg I love that car

    75. dieselstar5

      I’m willing to bet the new M3/M4 Comp produce more power than advertised. No way it’s only 510hp. More like around 550/575hp range.

    76. Music Producer


    77. JD Boutilier

      Why is it that there's a girls voice counting down the start but it's clearly a guy standing there.

    78. Bruce Mariga

      M3 work well done.nice work matt👍👍👍

    79. Bni Bng Ltd

      BMW are made the best engines

    80. Stuart Watson

      Just take the loss like a man

    81. Bmwblack Bmwm5


    82. Bmwblack Bmwm5

      1.1dislika audi fan 1.1 dislike mercfan 😜😂😂

    83. 哈哈

      Lexus RC F track edition can be in the race😂

    84. soiung toiue

      Straight six 💕💕💕

    85. marco montero


    86. Den Haikela

      Can You Drag Race F150 Super Snake With Other Latest Pick-Ups?

      1. soiung toiue


    87. Mimoun Mrini

      Yes yes yes!!!!

    88. M K

      Car wow; our goal is racing the german made cars insanely.

    89. Romario Tabaku

      Well done you BMW fan boy, finally you managed to get the BMW win looool

      1. Sergesedd22

        Lol finally?

    90. Sandy 1

      BMW Fan Bois *inner peace*

    91. Bibi Koor

      love the race love bmw

    92. Stuart Lynch

      I'm in the market for a new car this year, and I'm still going for the RS5 overall. You can't beat Quattro in any weather, and while it might not drift, it'll corner better than either of those cars.

    93. Vladimir Ivanov

      Gut gemacht 😊AUdii😚💯

    94. wuaw2011

      Same race plus Model 3 Performance

    95. Jose Rodriguez

      When it comes to digs Audi will win stock on stock 90% of the time that awd is a monster lol but throw it in a roll they tuck they tails in😂

    96. onechaos_com

      RS5 won this test.

    97. Jelt Dierking

      that m4 is like a rocket

    98. Just Me

      I'm a BMW fanboy and currently have a M5 competition but Audi won the brake test ;) .. !

    99. ايرين ييغر


    100. Dennis Adebiyi