VW Golf R v BMW M135i v Audi S3 v AMG A35: DRAG RACE


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    Calling all hot hatch fans - it’s the one you’ve been waiting for!
    All new Volkswagen Golf R vs BMW M135i vs Audi S3 vs Mercedes-AMG A35! That’s right, we’re putting the new Golf R up against its key rivals to see who is the true hot hatch king of 2021.
    When it comes to power output, it’s fair to say they’re all relatively similar. For example - the Golf R can put down the most power (320hp) while the BMW and Mercedes put down the least (306hp). But when it comes to torque, the BMW is out in front with 450Nm, while the AMG A35 & S3 come in last with 400Nm.
    So there’s a few slight differences, but ultimately, these cars are all pretty evenly matched. And that’s not all… They’re all four-wheel-drive, and they’ve all got launch control!
    So what do you think - too close to call? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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    1. Mat Watson Cars

      Hi Mat here: which car do you think sounded the best. LIKE my comment for the car below to VOTE!

      1. Doom Alexer 737


      2. Akash Akash


      3. Matty Sea

        @Donald Mokgale I did think there was any point

      4. Okuhle Njingana

        I think the Golf R sounded better

      5. Bruno Ziliotto


    2. Langolier

      Hey, Matt, if you think Golf R's engine is morr powerful than 320 HP, you maybe right. It wouldn't be the first time that a European car maker is lying about its cars...especially the VW group.

    3. F B

      BMW is so ugly

    4. FlyTheFlag _

      For an extra 2 grand more for the golf I’d expect it would be faster

    5. James Bresson

      The golf8 R Price in Algeria is £70,000 🤡💩

    6. AngusNZ

      Matt always has the quickest car in these things....is he a sore loser and the camera person dosent want to see a tantrum ?

    7. dominathor

      ok, now bring in the Audi RS 3

    8. Edward Chadd

      Golf r sounded best

    9. Alexandru Györi


    10. andrew72329

      That Golf is savage

    11. Vladimir Popa

      Mercedes driver, was in a deep coma.

    12. Philipp S.

      Why didnt u take the 45s amg the 35 is more like the former 250 sport😁

    13. mike o

      Why not rolling the Golf to get the real HP figure. With the way VW prepped their cars to pass emission tests, I wouldn't be surprised if their test cars are on a special "test-mode map"

    14. zimtberg

      Nicht ganz fair das rennen muss man sagen der Golf R ist vom Golf die stärkste version aber der 135i und der s3 nicht gegen den 140i oder den RS3 audi hätte der vw keine chance

    15. corone2018

      Bmw all the way

    16. Emily Asel

      VW Golf r

    17. Emily Asel

      Vow golf R

    18. Sebastian Immerda

      ( caugh) Golf R 14 HP more than competitors ( caugh caugh)

    19. Niche Searcher

      7:06 Mat and Audi driver syncing xD

    20. Boss

      F u Audi

    21. Doom Alexer 737

      The golf is 340bhp + ! Check the dyno videos

    22. Thorsten W.

      It’s not the first time that VWs press cars are „special“ 😂

    23. sajzsdob

      Gold the most expensive? damn

    24. Turbo Guy

      you should race that golf with an rs3

    25. ayy ess

      😂😂😂 brummy, I love the German accent

    26. External_

      I agree the a35 is slower (as Ive had both golf and a35) but that first launch was terrible by the driver. They should have re-recorded a fairer all around start.

    27. D Mijnals

      So its confirmed the Mercedes A series have a renault engine🤣😂🙊

    28. staticnetwork

      I love the VW Golf, but I think I'm ready for the future. For the money I'd rather get a Tesla Model 3.

    29. Titanium Mechanism

      That S3 sounds like the engine sits at the other end of a long and empty tunnel.

    30. Reazle McFeazle

      Really important for all those chavs driving around in these having their mom's passing for petrol and insurance😂

    31. bad brad

      All these tests and they all don't use the golf 8 R performance model, has extra 100 horse power.

    32. Roman

      just sucks they aren't selling some of these vehicles in the states -_-

    33. Cooper

      Whats that? Fake vents on the bmw, god Damn right

    34. al

      One thing people don’t notice on the new Golf R is how low its drag coefficient is. Just looking at the front area and aerodynamics alone, i can tell that it cuts through the air so effortlessly, almost like an electric car with minimum wind drag.

    35. Christian Pienaar

      Mercedes a45s would have won 12,1 seconds

    36. Filipe Pereira

      Amg almost total disappointment! Congrats to that breaks though!

    37. DerKleiber

      Welche Luschen sind da am Start. Da fehlt der Meister, der Focus RS.

    38. Teboho Potential

      VW R- gear ⚙ box said, no need to hurry, I'm quicker than the others🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂 funny you are Matt.

    39. Teboho Potential

      BMW Sounds better 🔥🔥

    40. sizwe nzama

      golf R vs AMG A45s

    41. Max Volobuiev

      Sound the best in BMW then Golf Mercedes and Audi

    42. Stephen Hems

      Lets be honest though, the merc looks way better than them all

    43. Dave Kissoon

      Im guessing the trade off for a golf r is least comfort.. i have a gti and love it but comfort sucks.

    44. Mart54

      Boring, all of them IMO. Go get a second hand M2, or try any of the smaller RWD performance BMWs in manual... before it's too late. Shame where performance cars are headed.

    45. Canal 88

      You guyz don't got a A45S? lol

    46. IceWolf

      Which is the quickest 4 cylinder, turbocharged, 2 litre, German hot hatch? The AMG A45 S ?

    47. jordan ball

      The Audi makes the most sense, low profile sound and a more luxurious interior.

    48. King Kong

      BMW Sound 😎

    49. FaktO

      why didnt they put the a45 instead of a35?

    50. Dr_Who

      Volkswagen Das Auto

    51. Sobhan Ranji

      We want amg A45s vs. Golf 8r please!!!

    52. YourLocal_TeaLover

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    53. Gs Baba


    54. S Snyder

      Bummers my favours

    55. Sifiso Zimu

      Would love 2 see Golf R RS3 A45 140m

    56. indra lemana

      Heeeeeeey... Thanks to AMG... 😀😁😂

    57. MrCrazy-R

      golf gti vs audi s3 golf r vs audi rs3 thats how it need to be

    58. Alessandro Aromolo

      where is Yanny?

    59. fulvio sturniolo

      On DYNO RUN Golf R got 340hp, anyone may tell me how and why?

    60. Mohamed Ahmed

      We've reached an era that you won a race just by quickly thrashing your body back and forth. How fascinating.

    61. Stephen Harper

      Golf r is never standard. I have a s3 2017 that is quicker off the line with 310bhp

    62. K Guemraoui

      Nice cars but no one of them sounds good, 🤷‍♂️

    63. George Parker

      Mercedes is just a fucking fashion accessory. They have nice front grills and that’s it. The cars are trash.

    64. MERT

      King golf R

    65. Vincent Shava

      The BMW is a powerhouse pops and bangs

    66. Stoffels338

      I am sorry, I LOVE BMW!!! but this says it ALL!!! from that absolute BEAST B58 m140i to the new gen m135i is a major step back and the new auto gearbox is trash VS the beautiful ZF 8 speed!!! Very sad day!

    67. Ethan Ganesh

      Mat just wanted the golf 8r to win that's why he never use the a45s

    68. F0XM0NEY

      Hell yeah, the R is the finest, and not only the sound. Great Video guys.

    69. Klyne Gardener

      Why didn't they use the a45s?

    70. Lebron James

      Golf r

    71. BMW Car - Bike

      Just watched a review by automann tv and the 0-100kmh on the golf 8R is 4.51s as the rolling on function on the race box is switched off and the measurement is in kmh to 100 rather than to 60mph. This setup could a better measurement to use in the future as it gives us a better indication of actual speed.

      1. Clothos

        cold weather on winter tyres

    72. Abdelkader djellouli


    73. og car compilations

      This Moment when vw Costs more than BMW, Mercedes and audi 🤣

    74. Ben

      got a merc ad mid way through this video , not a good placement there 🤣🤣

    75. der Phosix

      I dont watch this channel because of the reviews and thats why i as a german do not watch the german channel

    76. Manolo Bueno

      Está amañado

    77. Jonas S

      Golf 8 doesn’t belong in that Company

    78. Giovanni Borzellino

      BMW sounded best 👌🏼

    79. Mothusi Manaka

      Golf R vs A45s

    80. Fatih DOĞRU

      Golf R

    81. Bryce Becker

      Mk8 Golf R vs Amg A45s?!?!?!?!?!

      1. hbejinha

        sooonnnn :)

    82. XAMeLeoN

      LOL they stripped pops and bangs out of mini because "regulations", but the BMW now has EXACTLY the same exhaust pops as a MINI used to have :D

    83. Shane Emmerson

      Finally the golf is back in the game after the last few models have been almost there they have nailed it with this one well done VW.

    84. Lyudmila Zavlichenko

      torque converter win dual clutch lose Lmao

    85. Sam J

      Hi Matt Can I ask why reviewers don’t mention the weight of EV’s. The handling, and stopping power is compromised. I just sold my new 330e as it is much heavier than the GolfR and spoils the fun. Please give us more honesty? 👍🏼

    86. Mish-Al Eybers

      Bmw 135i sounds the best

    87. PaviIion Z

      we need a race with Yiannimize

    88. rasatierer hoch2

      "The quickest 4 cylinder turbocharged 2 liter" were is the A45s AMG?

    89. Kurt Otto Bruppacher

      Sehr guter Rennfahrer, bitte geben Sie auch den Preis bekannt mit allem Zubehör.

    90. Aleksandar Suzic


    91. Hamoud AL-Khaldi

      M135 is better

    92. Hope Babili

      If you use the A35 use the GTI since thats an R it should compete with the A45s

      1. Erick Sanchez

        Actually the golf r does compete with the a35 amg and the s3.

      2. Zuurker U

        The A45s definetly doesnt compete with the R xD Its ~15k more than the R

    93. Inked Guy

      Have a battle of the SUV 2 liter Turbos - Stelvio/X2/GLC/Q3/VW......just the regular 2 liters...

    94. Mohamed Bellator

      Golf R

    95. Aakil Rampersad

      Would love to see a warm hatch race like a polo gti vs something Like if you want to see that.

    96. felix_ber

      You should have used the A45 to get the right result.! Not the Light Version of AMG!

    97. bilishu aliss

      Would love to see the A45s take on this Golf R, with Yianni involved

      1. bilishu aliss

        mercedes driver clearly brake earlier. at 8:48 we can see the movement of the car who indicate he fully brake ON the white lane (when others only start to brake)

    98. F

      what colour Golf R would everyone get?

    99. J Lo

      The Merc driver was having a tea party when the others were racing, not good reactions.

    100. Night Owl

      mat:okay now audi audi revs mat: i hear nothing 🤣🤣🤣